5 Hours of Music to calm down dogs. USE ON JULY 4th DURING FIREWORKS!

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Relax My Dog uses sound sweep technology designed to relax and calm your dog. If you dog has sleeping problems or anxiety problems or is even stressed during fireworks, you should try our music. It will calm your puppy, Bulldog, German Shepard, in other words, any breed!

Use music in order to help your dog or puppy instead of opting for medication. Relax my Dog music has helped thousand of dogs, and animals worldwide to sleep and reduce their anxiety overall.

If you have a new puppy and you are introducing him or her to crate training, Relax My Dog is perfect and will be extremely helpful in these anxiety inducing and stressful situations. Although this is all a part of bringing up a pet dog, we will try to make life easier for you and your precious pup! Other cases where Relax My Dog can help is in the car, some dogs become nervous when being driven, or even if you dog suspects that he is on the way to vets, so get the digital download and play it in the car to keep your dog happy and calm all the time.
The most common problem that we hear about is separation anxiety. Relax My Dog’s music has improved thousands of cases of separation anxiety and barking canines all over the world.


Christopher Bridges says:

my dog couldn't appear to care less about this music. is there actually anything special about it?

Eric Alston says:

My german shepherd pitbull mix went right to sleep

강지현 says:

이거들려주니까 잠

Wanna Zombies says:

This is very peaceful music and not just for dogs. ????

Aubrey Perrette says:

Love all your videos

Forrest you says:

My dog likes slayer

Ryan Foglesong says:

Thank you.  I didn't use this on 4th of July. But my dog is sleeping. He loves this music! He usually does this routine. He bites my hand and i put the music on he goes to his caage and sleeps. Thank you And my dog loves you :P

OHBrienne says:

Works very well for my extremely playful chihuahua 

rockroses88 says:

My german shepherd was slowly calming down then went to sleep

Monique Dafonseca says:

This made my dog get scared even more ????????

Evelia Hernandez says:

People in my neighborhood are still setting off fireworks tonight (July 5th)…thanks so much for these posts! I was skeptical about this idea at first, but it worked like a charm. My pup is snoring like a big baby 20 minutes into the music 😀 This will now be my go to solution for calming her down.

Gabrielle S says:

thank you so much!

David Vazquez says:

Thank you it does calm my dog down

Johana Child says:

Once again thank you! Champy loves it.

PeanutButterZombie00 says:

Thank you, guys! I am definitely using this tonight for my dogs; fireworks are illegal out here, but that doesn't stop my idiot neighbors from setting them off all night long and frightening all the neighborhood animals. It's nice to know at least someone is thinking of the animals today!

Stephanie Lane says:

Thank you thank you thank you for posting this!!

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