8 HOURS OF RELAX MY DOG MUSIC!! Longest Video Yet! Relaxing pet music, separation anxiety.

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Relax My Dog uses sound sweep technology designed to relax and calm your dog. If you dog has sleeping problems or anxiety problems or is even stressed during fireworks, you should try our music. It will calm your puppy, Bulldog, German Shepard, in other words, any breed!

Use music in order to help your dog or puppy instead of opting for medication. Relax my Dog music has helped thousand of dogs, and animals worldwide to sleep and reduce their anxiety overall.

If you have a new puppy and you are introducing him or her to crate training, Relax My Dog is perfect and will be extremely helpful in these anxiety inducing and stressful situations. Although this is all a part of bringing up a pet dog, we will try to make life easier for you and your precious pup! Other cases where Relax My Dog can help is in the car, some dogs become nervous when being driven, or even if you dog suspects that he is on the way to vets, so get the digital download and play it in the car to keep your dog happy and calm all the time.
The most common problem that we hear about is separation anxiety. Relax My Dog’s music has improved thousands of cases of separation anxiety and barking canines all over the world.


BowlMasterAsh says:

This is a scam. This is just relaxing human music relabeled for dogs! I'm so offended

Haley Staggs says:

Love the video! My dog always seems to be biting her tail and it's got some rash thing I'm not really sure. She calmed down right away! Thank you!!

Tigress XO says:

This is great for my husky on his aggressive days!
Oh yeah and the ear rubbing!

minkvelour says:

Thank you so much for your video.  It helped keep my dog calm during the fireworks.  Before the video he was panting, moving from place to place, I was heartbroken to see him such a mess.  I felt bad because I couldn't do anything to help him and then I found your video.  After 20 minutes he found a place and sat down.  An hour into and he is laying down and relaxed.  He hears an occasional firework but is still laying down and calm.  Wow.  Thank you so much!! <3

icelachavez says:

Definitely helped cover the noise of fireworks today, not only that, they fell asleep within 3 minutes! (They are both puppies)

Kate Summer says:

helping cover the sound of fireworks….

tritawan ruttivut says:

Helped my dog during 4th July. Thanks.
He's deaf for the first year, that helps too, but poor guy.

Stringii “Stalker” Strogue says:

My doge finally laid down…
…until he saw a fly.
ultimate facepalm

Renee Brillant says:

Thank you SO much!

Kayah Simmons says:

Once my dog heard it he fell asleep in 1min

Kathryn Clinko says:

My computer is in my room next to my bed, and my dog plopped down on MY BED and fell asleep! I don't really care because i was sleeping, on the floor next to my bed! :P

Rich Clarey says:

This absolutely KO'd my dog!

jannik ergud says:

anyone but me think it cud be extremely funny like 3-4 hours in the music it gave orders like: do the trashcan. tear up shoes etc.

Mr Warlock says:

Wow, my very active Chi finally gave me a break! He's out cold. He went from play fighting to Zzz in about 2 mins. Thanks.

ana obradovic says:

My dog likes this

Γιαννης Καρανασης says:

very nice good job

Princess Peanut says:

2:32 my favorite picture out off all 8 hours of pictures

Colleen Morgan says:

my dog wouldn't calm down when I tried a lot of your music during a thunderstorm, any suggestions?

GamingChente says:

My dog fell asleep while watching this but he took a shit when he fell asleep is that supposed to happen

Fallen Angel the Skywolf says:

It works

Shelby Barker says:

Thank you so so much for this video, my new puppy falls right asleep at night now. Really helps with her bedtime separation anxiety. Thank you thank you thank you!

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