80 Seconds of Ridiculous Rottweiler Puppies

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TheKidzRul says:

ER MAH GLERB, PERPPYS!!!! (huggles them all) MINE!!!!

Matthew Fowler says:

For some breeds, if they’re enthusiastic waggers they can damage their tails by hitting them against furniture.

I still don’t like it, but it’s not 100% horrible.

Blitz LFC says:

they do that to hunting dogs it makes perfect sense they dont feel nothing there are sedated then most of the tail is removed not all of it so the can still wag the tails because when you have hunting dogs going threw bushes you dont want the tails getting caught in the bush or thorns and it will be very painful trying to get them out so its better to get there tails docked

shootingstar358 says:

Aweee I want to hug and squeeze one!!!!

KaiserSehen says:

i miss my Rottweiler now :C

Sheraun Chatman says:

Cute puppies

nachengca says:

Omg so cute

Pedro Perez says:


im8teennow says:


BluJ0414 says:

The cuteness…to…overwhelming…gonna…*computer crashes*

whatata dohu says:

My Rottweiler just died and after this is made me cry :/

thelovelyada says:

I want One

Killuminati785 says:

Im getting a Rottweiler pup hes 10 weeks old, can i leave him in a windproof dog shed over night?

calixxx17 says:

dogs 101 will help about it, it will give you info about Rottweiler, watch it here in youtube ^w^


HHNGGGGGGGGGGGG too cute. Like my little puppy Blade (3 years old but still my puppy) 3

Zaria Ysera says:

I just fell in love! They are so adorable!

Branden Scot says:

i love puppies

ADRIAN38727 says:

Fuck… I love doggies!

luv pandit says:

I just like

melvinia lydwin says:

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sandrahorna32 says:

I have a question can I actually buy a Rottweiler puppy because I live In a small apartment do u thing could get upset sometime for having a little space to play?

Stacy Wilmot says:

i want one

Underpuppy. says:

The look is a very subjective thing, I prefer a rottie that has a tail and a pitbull with no ears cropped. It looks better in my opinion, anyway there’s no reason to insult someone’s intelligence based on someone’s opinion. I know they don’t feel it, but it doesn’t change the fact it’s unneccessary and that it wasn’t intended by nature, obviously.

xxNeverGiveUpOnItxx says:

i understand there is no reason . but you have to understand it doesnt hurt them. i feel like im teaching my 9 week old puppy to sit. saying the same thing ooover and oveer again. IT DOES NOT HURT THEM. docking is done before the nerves in their tails are even developed so they dont feel it as ive already said.

i know their is no reason to do i anymore but i like the look of it. if it doesnt hurt the dog and it looks good , why not ?

Underpuppy. says:

Well, you still have to understand there is no reason to do that anymore, they’re not working dogs if you’re a breeder for pets, same with cropped ears, are you going to have a Dogo hunt boards with you? I don’t think so, why go through that unneccessary crap, all you’re essentially doing is hurting the dog for no reason whatsoever. But if you are going to use a rottie to pull stuff at your farm, or a Dogo Argentino to hunt, by all means go for it.

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