A Dog Tests the iPad – Tested.com

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Chloe the Tested.com Corgi plays with the iPad. She also just tested out the iPad 2 on Tested: www.tested.com


LimeGreenWolf says:

Ok that’s pretty creepy… hahah

Valeria Hernandez says:

i put the video and when the dog started barking my dog stared getting mad and i started laughing lol

BigGeekEmpire says:

Dog went from “wtf?” to “whoa, cool” to “WITCH! WITCH!”

Rebecca Johnson says:


Becky Hulley says:

I love it how the dog understands that it’s safe! Human and corgi bond <3

allmusicgirl says:

The Corgi is playing with it–she took a bite of the iPad–and barking at it that it is different and she doesn’t like it. Kind of like people don’t like different people or different things.

braith117 says:

The dog has already learned a hatred for all things apple.

Smart dog.

alex61482 says:

yes i did !!!!! ha haa ha:D

anne falcon says:


jabawockeez says:

Please accept the video response!

jabawockeez says:

Please accept my video response!

Herp Derp says:

2:03 Devil machine…

Not sure why, but that cracked the shit out of me.

unDOGGY4u says:

Adorable :3

blessedlady7 says:


MrKayZ96 says:

The dog knows to push the home button

guesswhotheyare says:

Try this :) YfoXdByGMeY

sapphire2501 says:

Okay seriously though, how can 570 people dislike this video?? Such a cute clip 🙂

chloroform19 says:

iPad = EVIL

kaiya estroso says:

Aww she’s so adorable

archerx67 says:

Dog: Oh, you think I’m stupid? No wonder you humans are so fucked up. The oceans and the forests are dying and all you give a shit about is digital devices and football! I shit on ipad!

Boss35G says:

aw it geting confused lol

Thtblkbrit says:

So do you like the Ipa-


unknownanonymous07 says:

oh my god! the way that little cutie tilts its head in curiosity. adorable!

leoanim says:

I agree: to woof with the ipad.

Nashla Meza says:

@Glurich yes I did do that

arkindal says:

Holy guacamole I love corgis this little guy is so cute.

Sunny Bunny says:

Immortal what are you doing here. <.<

CaLeDee says:

My dog has literally zero reaction to pretty much everything. Dogs on TV, cats on TV. Howling dogs in youtube videos, me howling.. She just doesn’t give a shit.

LiorMedia1 says:

2:30 rff rff rff reeeeeeeeee rff

a77ackno1 says:

haaaaaaaaaaahahahha nice one

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