Baby and Puppy meet for the first time!

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First meeting of puppy and baby!!!


shohan khan says:


Christian Sanchez says:

puppy: im out here at end

MrJaimelynngirl says:

So funny !!!!!!!!!

jua gon says:

POOR dog !

jroseilyf says:

If you could mix those 2 smells and bottle (baby’s head and puppy fur) them you would be very rich!

cgirl4e says:

That puppy has a GREAT energy level! I’m sure he/she has turned into a wonderful dog!

Swedishfitnblond says:

Is it possible for people to watch something innocent and not be rude? The baby didn’t hurt the dog and here’s a hint: You did the same thing at that age if you had pets. Go back to the theory if you can’t say something nice AND of all things, about a baby and puppy…don’t say anything.

ticklemeelmo8105 says:

Ugly baby hurting the dog =(

Andrea Hall says:

Looks like the puppy is smarter then the baby.  Yes..

Glasgowb9643 says:

I will put u in a hole for good

ChloeXlover says:


greg goal says:

Why r u not in a hole right now?

Glasgowb9643 says:

The baby grabbed the puppy’s fur

palsc5 says:

the dog isn’t getting hurt. The dog understands the baby isn’t trying to hurt him and just goes with it

rody van der pluijm says:

babies cant really think of what they are doing you know?

Glasgowb9643 says:

Why u letting your ugly baby hurt the poor puupy

Rachel Clement says:

Mean? how old do you think this baby is? he hasn’t masted hand eye coordination yet. did you realise you were like this once??? so so mean, bad baby for not having control of your body and being in the early months of development… how very dare you! (that was sarcastic BTW).

fatsweeps says:

sooo cute

if you have time please check out my channel fatsweeps and watch ‘cute kids do films – titanic’ (other if you like) i hope you enjoy it :)

Rachel Clement says:

Get a grip… a well trained dog should be introduced to babies and taught not to respond to their muscle spasms. the puppy is learning as is the child. my dog has its temperature checked by vets and get jabs, that definitely does not meet body language dialect of a dog. he loves the vets as we have counter conditioned him. If done carefully this puppy will grow to tolerate children, and maybe even enjoy playing safely with them. just review mexiprairiedog’s comments and see it as it is

kinsmansteve says:

Oh yes, the narrow-minded and stupid among us are endlessly amusing.

Smitty5613 says:

haha, i do have to say though, all the hate comments from people who thought i was serious, where kinda amusing

kinsmansteve says:

I can’t believe this comment has been voted down so often it has become tagged as spam. I’m sorry Smitty5613, it would seem that people literally cannot recognise irony any more.

1990banks says:

Haha, Puppy’s like; you got your footage, now am out.

Shiabo says:

well, it was obviously his motive.

madusa13able says:

Just precious

MaddiPeaceGirl says:

overload of cuteness!! :D

MizZTiny143 says:

awww the dog Like wtf man stop poking my eyes

HellsBellsOG says:

lol xD

Smitty5613 says:

everybody knows that humans, much less babies, rarely survive puppy encounters.. i believe your story is false

fatsweeps says:

this is sooooo cute
if you have a spare couple minute check out “cute kids sharing…water” on my channel fatsweeps and let me know what you think 🙂

Bryson DeBow says:

Man’s best friend.

bajascorpian117 says:

God damn baby is going to poke the dogs eye out.

MissMediaPower says:

Ouch that must have hurt. I hate human kids.

BurnTheBlackWolf says:


Ryder J. Hart says:

Rev: 22:15 for without are the dogs

mexiprairiedog says:

Awww they’re gonna grow up TOGETHER!

Nina Nesbitt says:

*thought the baby was mean

Nina Nesbitt says:

My friend hates this video because he t

Maignan says:

Baby making violent signals??!?!? A baby violent???!?! ur just as bad as those people who say dogs are evil. This is a vid about a baby and a puppy meeting each other. If you and others out there truly see violence, evil or feel anything negative in this vid there is somfin wrong with you and or the society u grew up in.. Oh w8 there is somfin wrong with our society nvm.

xTwilightWolvesx says:

If I’m being perfectly honest, dogs deserve to go to heaven than humans will ever do. Oh, and I could barely read your comment -_-

xTwilightWolvesx says:

Those aren’t real statistics. I’ll have you know that when my cousin was a baby, he was watched over by TWO puppies, but they didn’t lay a single paw on him. In fact, they were EXTREMELY protective of him, and yes, he DID make it out alive…with a face.

xTwilightWolvesx says:

It’s greeting the baby, but the baby is making violent signals to the dog. Flapping arms are a sign of aggressiveness to the dog, and so is messing around with his face. So of course it is going to be aggressive back! Even though I didn’t see much of it…

Caaaakeee says:

I thought the same thing xD
Dog: You guys think I have bad breath? Are you nuts?

callmechamp10 says:


Dat stinky breath. LOL

hannah russell says:

aww bless they get on so well that dog has got some paitence

hailey keiser says:


thomasfan1993 says:


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