Beagle Puppies Growing Up From 1 To 8 Weeks Old.

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This is a video of us visiting our breeder every week so you have an idea what it’s like :-). Louie the beagle’s baby sister Marie joined our family 6 months ago.
They have been best friends from day one.
Beagles are so stuborn , soft and cute all at the same time.
All dogs have something special but beagles have something that makes me love all of them.
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RNC McDermotts says:

Most beautiful beagles ever my goodness…

animalangelgirl 122 says:

i never saw my beagle as a pup like that even do shes still in her months but shes a cutey :3

jonas reyes says:

puppy is so cute i love it

afuelrail says:

Excellent video.

Monika Machy says:

sorry to say but you beagle has a big tummy/suts :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( Answer why? please/ i love your puppie beaguls i will have a girl beagle as well hope your dogs will not be ill hope to see you guys!!!!! Next time!!!!

Elout Crasborn says:

hey wij hebben onze Beagle ook bij de hoefstal gekocht/genomen of hoe je het ook wil noemen, maar dat was wel leuk om dat terug te zien. wanneer is marie geboren?

Gregory Wishart says:

maaan, I want one

Benjamin Melikant says:

Oh my gosh these pups were too cute for words! Such a cute video!

Learama ws. says:

That was just too adorable!!! Thanks for sharing!

redandyroo1 Mei-Mei reeves youtube video LPS says:

AWWW SOOOOO CUTEEEEEE I have my puppy and is cute! :-)

stuurhuis69 says:

Reminds me so much of when we got our Beagle, almost 12 years ago now! These videos always put a smile on my face..

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