Beagle Puppy Attacks Rottweiler

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Rottweiler Marlow playing “dog fight” with beagle puppy Indie. ( 9 week old baby beagle and 1 year old Rottweiler )


SusiKamikatze says:

Ja, ja… böse (bad) Rottis! 😉

victor DEGRIS says:

Beagles are brave… and impish !

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barrhh84 says:

1:20 he wants the D!

michfan7804 says:

you should really teach your rottweiler not to play with his food lol

rebelsouljaz says:

lol that rott could literally bite that beagle’s head off in one bite if it wanted to

mckinley sanchez says:

that reminds me of my two fav. dogs in the world!!!! my beagle/corgie, Misty loves to play with my rottweiers Cyar and Elly i love them so much!

Sean Bolson says:

Lol, the puppy tried to drink from the Rottweiler’s “main vein”

GeneralG1810 says:

LMAO at the end the look on the dogs face like
“OMG you weren’t recording that were you? theres my tough image down the drain!”

GeneralG1810 says:

OMG my computer locked up from the cuteness overload

EmmyXXD says:

So cute

MrZeus232 says:

He was*

TheBob47 says:

God, I love rotties!!!

7704mmee says:

Rottweiler didn’t stand a chance.

dtkmfamily4 says:

is that a pure bred rotti?

Singindivajess says:

How to Contain a Hyper Puppy, Lesson Number One: Just squish him. XD

Andy Hudson says:

Miss Sophie our Rottweiler, the best family dog ever…

Edoric85 says:


beautifulgirl425 says:

Bananas dipped in Nutella.

myrtil1994 says:

1:52 grabs stress sponge to relieve anger lol

sagischare says:

This is just like my shepherds and my yorkie, every single day. My poor shepherds are so patient with the little fcker.

cardy usm says:

One of the funniest things I have seen in years!!

Buzzbernesemountdog says:

Beagles are brave. check out our bernese mountain dog and beagle vidios. Thank you

MegaRaffee says:

that beagles head could fit into the rotties mouth

TheMatzstar says:

Smaug: “Little hobbit. My teeths are swords. My claws, are speers”

FallenWngz says:

Whoever dislikes this video is obviously Satan

smilingeuterpe says:

What a patient rottweiler, extra cute beagle I envy you your fun 🙂

destruction5214 says:

the beagle won xD

XxxEatSleepRidexxX says:

1:28 i love how the beagle just jumps on the rottweilers head <3

aarvin1 says:

1:19 puppy thinks ” hmmmm ok not bad but I think i’m gonna leave that for when i’m older”

as a says:

2:56 of my life well spent!

s1986maxx9 says:

Beagle <3

Adam Dresch says:

That was one vicious attack! that poor Rottweiler didn’t stand a chance! 😛

EmmyXXD says:


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