Beagle Puppy Hangs on Car Window

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The owner wants to put up the car window, but this adorable beagle puppy doesn’t want to let go.


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julio hernandez says:

his face omg

Ishmael Rockefeller says:

Using iPad in everyday situations, at least it's not portrait mode -.-

DonnieCookieMonster says:

I was expecting a shitload of PETA comments.

Erick Zeledon says:

@XbocksROX ok calm the fuck down you sound ridiculously stupid. If it really was a "problem" the puppy would have been crying in pain but no it ain't people like you are fucking stupid.

angel4oka says:

I want a reverse video of that! says:

Adorable Beagle Puppy Is Not Interested In Closing Car Window

The Person With A Very Long Account Name says:

"Wh wh wh why are my paws magically going up? Is it this invisible force Field?"

dzigimk says:

his reaction is… WHAT THE FUCKKKK!!!!!!???? WHO THE FUCK IS MOVING MY FEET!!!!! Also haha look at his eyes, his mind is getting blown the fuck out of proportion not knowing what's going on.

Craig McGimpsey says:

Waiting for the troll with a fedora profile pic to talk about how this is animal cruelty

Richard Werner says:

Are you filming with your laptop?

Sythe81 says:

here, have my downvotes to ensure it doesnt go viral

Sythe81 says:

INb4 i had to use a vpn to watch this. wtf. some shit person that thinks a news group wil pick this up and make them millions.. good luck with that

XbocksROX says:

this is extremely cruel to do to that poor animal! it's paws could have been ripped right off! i find this deeply problematic.

john connors says:

in b4 this goes viral

youmna ahmed says:

4th one to comment

bulent k says:

I keep laughing :-)

hunnykun101 says:

The beagle is 'oh my god what is it!? what;s happening!?"

Linda Ultreras says:

Aww cute

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