Best Funny and Cute Dog Videos – Top 10

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Top 10 cutest and funniest puppies and dogs from the internet in random order PLEASE SHARE/RATE! Leave comments for more cute animal videos links in the comments – rank which puppy video you think is the cutest and funniest.


jonblazeinc says:

1:39 LLOOLL…..cant stop laughing of the dog dreaming of running then freaking out when it woke up…he nearly knocked itself out lol

Gabrielle Dinh says:

Cute and funny! XD

Motitakiut says:

I LOOOOOVED the sleeping labrador, so cute he’s dreaming of running like crazy! =D

becca ehlers says:

That is sssoooo cute

PsitAgapoulaPoula says:

LooooooL so funny and cute

thedoodledoggie says:

very funny! Check out my golden doodle in Doodle Dog Duties 2

dbztothemax9041 says:

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trey washburn says:


trey washburn says:


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