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My sister got a Dalmatian puppy for her 12th birthday back in January, Jasmine is almost a year old now!!! SUBSCRIBE PLEASE 🙂


Karis Garra says:

If a don’t get a real puppy, I want that xD

Sillylilly5007 says:

i would have pissed myself if i got a puppy

keely m says:

Yes, for you, but in our case, no we did not ‘get bored’

fairyspectre says:

I can understand why she wasn’t outwardly super excited (although some people are just introverted) What kind of way is that to surprise someone? “Here’s a present… Just kidding… Actually you are getting it but you’re going to have to wait even longer… Just kidding again! You are getting it now!” Way to mess with someones head and emotions. What do you expect?

Anny Paiz says:

She wasn’t even exited

MsTinkerbelle87 says:


Grace Reilly says:


Kristen Perez says:

Awww you Puckettppp

saragarcia1129 says:

Ppl shut up she’s just exited

JojoOmgXD says:

I am pretty sure all of you would react the same if you found out you were gonna get a dalmatian in six months.. -.-

Darifor3st says:

Gonna get bored of it in a few weeks.

Elizabeth Isabel says:


homeopt says:

Wow…a lot of nasty comments about a girl just excited to get a puppy. Relax people

samantha vickey says:

That dog likes his new friend

Mn k says:

She didn’t even say thank you..

chinchillacare101 says:

She is so fucking annoying about the whole dolmation thing in the kinkajou video :/

17ablxx says:

very spoiled ugh

brianna rutledge says:

Oh calm down its a girl that was anxiouse for her dog

showjumperforever11 says:


adam ortiz says:

thats a realy beautiful puppy

FuckSoci3ty says:

Damnn at least take the tags off

carliemichellesmith9 says:


Davintschicode says:

Love her outfit.

Cpmyppproductions says:

My birthday’s the same month!

Melissa Hunt says:

Ok, sorry. From the video it looked as if they were being locked in the crate. But if they were just chilling in there, that’s cool.

Prettierdbrose says:

She’s not spoiled. It cute

zeebree18 says:

She seems spoiled

Samantha Breecher says:

She seems like she gets what she wants all the time.

Amelia Parker says:

Spoilt cow!

Alexis Mountcastle says:

She’s seems like an ungreatful brat. She didn’t even say thank you.

31iidna says:

That’s a zoo! The kinkajou and the dogs and the cats… How many pets do you have? It’s incredible, I was lucky to get permission for a single dog.

banded lily says:

How is the dog doing today? The breed can sometimes be a handful, I’d love to see how he’s grown up!

justtheblankify says:

the cage is open. it’s just used as a cat house?

Megan Scott says:

That was my reaction when I found out I was getting a greyhound

Loviekinz says:

I see the cat in the cage in the back too – but it looked content and taking a bath. I’m guessing it’s not locked in? I know my cats will sleep on a blanket in an open dog crate.

Miranda Hogan says:


RachekPebra123 says:

Guys.. The cage doors are open. The cat is choosing to sit in there. Stop criticizing them for keeping animals cooped up..

mojoloco2001 says:

She’s rude

Megan Chapman says:

Oh gosh I don’t like this girl :/ she’s quite rude and impatient :/

AnimalHouseforReal says:

I despise cages :(

Zoe Gonzalez says:

thats you though,
This girl clearly stated in the beginning it wasn’t the first time they told her they were getting her a dog, its not that she was ungrateful, its that she was impatient because she wasn’t sure if they actually meant it or not.

Zoe Gonzalez says:

How do you know she didnt say thank you at all? She could of said thank you after the camera turned off you never know you weren’t there.
And i’d be disappointed too if my mom kept telling me i was gonna get a dog and then i never got one
Its not being “ungrateful”

BleedingHeartWorld says:

-cries in the corner of my room-
I lost my Dalmatian who I had on my 7th birthday for free he was 4 when I had him. I’m 15 now now he was put down at the age of 13, due to arthritis and being sick..

Just make sure her ears aren’t swollen with blood… Cause that seem to happen with my Dalmatian.

Zoe Gonzalez says:

shes not ungrateful dumbasses.
Anyone who wants a puppy really bad will ask when the puppy will be born and how long, LOOL

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