Caring for Neonatal orphaned puppies

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Chanaii Frazier says:

I like it

ivania Capilla says:

my name is ivania and I love your puppy

Young King says:

It s. So cute and cool B-) 😉 

Sara Ayscue says:


Ricardo Amaya says:

Are you selling the puppy because if you I will like to have it

Bethany Mullin says:

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Bethany Mullin says:


Thedoglovergal says:

What kind of dog are the puppies? They are so cute

Anna100 Perez says:

How do you find them 

TheRushies says:

I love pupies plase can i plase

Jeremy Dantz says:

Such a cute puppy

Jesleene Salvador says:

Did the puppies have any behavioral problems? Just curious since I'm going to be adopting a 1 month old baby pin-tzu and I'm worried because she's too young to be separated from her mom and there's no one to teach her how to behave like a proper dog. 

hieu le says:

+Mỹ Nga Nguyễn Trần

Elzabe Roos says:

A sheer delight. What happy chappies……they'll all grow strong and healthy.

Mariapia Milucci says:

Ma dopo è morto perche la mamma lo deve al lattare si no muore

Astru26 says:

How are they now?

niamh hall says:

Poor puppies

Luciana Chiok says:

What breed is that puppy??????

Moshugaani says:

Heartwrenching!  Q__Q

Maleeya Meade says:

Well this lady no what's she s doing

Tarniecia Sampleton says:

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Astru26 says:

But it's hard to replace their dog mother.

Stephanie Pherribo says:

That dog is. Sooooooooooooo sooooooo. Cute 

jenjen 2005 says:

I want one!!! But I already have a toy poodle…XD

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