Cat Nurses Puppies

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A South Carolina cat who lost her kittens adopts an abandoned litter of puppies. From the 2001 PAX program “It’s a Miracle.” (I do not own this video. No cop…


MoodyThursday says:

0:34 But there was a problem, Smoochie DRAGS ONE WITH THE CHAIN!

jose Martinez says:

dude i was crying for 2 hours

melvinia lydwin says:

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nathanisthetruth says:

of coarse she lives in a trailer lol jk

liam james says:

aww, was feeling cynical today, but cant think of a cynical comment to intelligently put to this video, genuine feel good vid, cant find fault, lol

Eva Thyssen-Bornemisza says:

Poor dog… shame on her humans, how irresponsible, the dog looked neglected 🙁

jessilyn allen dilla says:

if only people were more like animals

Kaytin Lin says:

That dog just dragged one of her puppies with her chain..!!

essi8757 says:

That is wonderful but did u see the state of the poor dog it looks neglected

William Wen says:

Lots of Love in the film

OhMyGoshKirst says:

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Sabine Penna says:

I saw how the cat did a great thing. Which will not blind me to the fact that the fodowners are ignorant to the needs of their dog.

Simply Arlie says:

Sabine if that is all you saw — very sad

Sabine Penna says:

How can you put a dog like that o a chain? And it does not appear that he dog is groomed. What a shame!!!!!!!!!!

communistjesus says:

Smoochie and her ol’ man ,whomever he may be, are a couple of FREE LOADING HORRIBLE PARENTS.. STOP MESSING ABOUT “SMOOCHIE” get yourself A REAL JOBBIE ,JOB,JOB.. How about this, why DON’T you get A REAL NAME FIRST something like: Lady, Queen,etc.. Next, you START TAKING CARE OF YO BABIES .. Welcome to the U.S.A under Obama :O*

Emma leigh says:


offwithurhead says:

…loses hers) or a mother finds lost babies so we don’t see this that often, but do look up more videos of one species raising another, it’s a beautiful thing that happens. Also mammals who are not necessarily mothers or females will sometimes feel the need to protect babies, mostly ones that aren’t hungry and aggressive.

offwithurhead says:

Usually, when a female mammal gives birth, it has the instinct, a need to nurture. At that time it doesn’t really matter all that much whether they’re baby squirrels, kittens, puppies etc if they’re somewhat appropriate in size and need a mother. When a female mammal loses her babies, she needs to have her breasts milked and feels the need to take care of offspring. It is not often that a coincidence like this happens(a mother rejects her children while another mother nearby… (continued)

popasmuerf says:

I am fully aware of maternal instinct, however that does not fully explain why an obligate predator would start nursing the young of another species. For example, members of the group panthera often prey on the young of their target prey and kill the young of other top predators in the surrounding area if given half the chance.

offwithurhead says:

And it’s called maternal instinct in mammals, the same thing that makes us take care of babies and find other mammals cute. If you saw healthy, abandoned kittens or puppies, wouldn’t you try to help them?

Joefresh McDonald says:

Ms.Kitty is one cool ass bitch

MarioandSonicTV says:

And this is why animals are better than humans.

runnie8294 says:

this just totally amazes me

Kagome Higura says:

That’s a weird dog she dragged one of her own puppies

kshogan11 says:

mother dog was probably totally stressed out from being chained up

popasmuerf says:

Wow…I am agnostic…so I am filled with doubt often…but things like this I come across every once in a while remind me that there is some thing greater out there….

theatergeek82 says:

The puppies look at the cat and think “that’s our Mommy”

Kitty Meowmeow says:

one that has more compassion than humans would

blackleader77 says:

an amazing one

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