Cheetah and dog friends celebrate anniversary together at Busch Gardens Tampa

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Busch Gardens Tampa is celebrating an anniversary for a very special relationship. April 16 marked the one-year anniversary of the first time park guests got to see an 8-week-old male cheetah cub and a 16-week-old female yellow labrador puppy start to strike up a friendship that the park’s animal experts expect to last a lifetime. The pair — later named Kasi and Mtani — spent only supervised play times together at first. Now, a year later, they live together full time at the park’s Cheetah Run habitat and even travel together to schools, events and television studios, helping the park’s education team teach the public about the plight of cheetahs in the wild and the importance of Busch Gardens’ conservation efforts. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube: Subscribe to our print magazine: Visit our Blog: Follow us on Twitter: Become a fan on Facebook: Watch our TV show:


Ratkingbob says:

Dogs can actually be racist My friends dog doesn’t like white people it’s pretty funny hahha

lLoveFatAsses says:

“TIGER vs PIT BULL” was much, much better…

adrian palacios says:

people should forgethow animals are deferent they can be frenids no mader what.

Nicholee72 says:

At the end of the day, we’re all human.

Nicholee72 says:

Considering that you’re saying that these animals can co-exist because they’ve been raised in captivity, I think it only further proves the truth in what furycross is trying to say. Humans are raised also by humans in a certain environment where they’re controlled since birth by other humans… Figuratively speaking… So how this is different, I don’t know. Either way, animals don’t maliciously murder their own kind, wild or otherwise.

WolfSeife says:

Yeah if you consider that what separates us really, is captivity and animals being controlled since their birth…
In the wild they would simply attack you, rip you apart, eat you, all that with no regret.

JUREX3000 says:

dogs are awesome

killgora1 says:

Is it just me or does this video want me to get a cheetah as a pet?

TheLordSod says:

I appreciate and agree with your message, but we are not one single race.
I believe all races are probably more or less equal, but you can’t say we’re all the same race.
Some biologists have even tried to suggest that different races of humans are almost different species or “breeds” because of distinctive genetic differences.

BuleSkyNammint says:

so cute :’)

Cassandra Peters says:

meant to vote up… ugh sorry

Bagi Dewan says:

cant wait for dog cheatah baby cub!

starfaery says:

Aww sweet.

Gabriel Sherlock says:

Once a wild tiger came to my glass door in south america mountains and it tried to grab my pet dog lol i let the dog out but they were playing tag.. lol

supratrd900 says:

I wish more people have the same mindset that you do.
Best of wishes to you my man 🙂

Frank168168 says:

I think so

killswitchpro says:


thinkhard34 says:

yea, I was lured into watch this video thinking it was a natural relationship like the orangutan and the dog. Sorry, thumbs down.

mixolt m says:

i guess a chog would be a really cool animal 🙂 like a big cat that thinks you are the master and not you are the slave XD

SaitoNetwork says:

… the very first time I saw this, those were my exact thoughts. I’m not sure their intentions are completely honorable lol; yet they may be simply doing this for an animal psychological experiment? Something just doesn’t seem to make sense with this pair up, especially with them being proponents for a kind of relationship if enforced. Ugh I’m sick of perverse crossbreeds, we have enough human drama as is, do we need to leak it all into the animal kingdom as well??

LizzzMonkey says:

That’s what I thought too. I wonder how they look like. They should be very cool.

Alex Gibson says:


Skye Izumi says:

Yes, but like all animals, Cheetahs also have stamina, fatigue. A Cheetah can’t run are full speed for too long, also due to over heating. So escape one enemy, run, tired encounter another, doomed.
II make it simple, because it is that simple.

rani chiang says:

their fron san deigo safari park!

SakuritaNyu says:

That Cheetah is going to eat the dog, just saying.

rysn09 says:

A Dotah*

gstreetboi says:

cheetog …the new breed

John Fischer says:

Is there a point in doing this other than it being really cute?

yurikolovsky says:

I remember watching a study where they domesticated wild foxes in only 5 generations which was shocking to me.

thexwingxthing says:

As I’m sure you know, cheetahs are the fastest land animal. As such, if they ever confront another animal in the wild (that isn’t prey), their first instinct is to flee, since nothing can catch up to them. In captivity, in order to keep them calm and not constantly running away, they raise each cheetah with a dog. The cheetah grows up with this dog, and trusts it, so whenever something surprises them, they first look at the dog to see how it reacts. This just makes everyone happy.



gisi koll says:

that is so cute

skateman22 says:

is it bad I want them to be seperated for a long period of time, then reunited again just because it’d be so nice

Squirlol says:

Cheetahs certainly shouldn’t be household pets, but they are very dog-like in temperament and can easily learn to get along with humans they know well. The problem is that they can’t always interact well with humans they don’t know, who have unfamiliar smells, etc. I used to work at the zoo, and the cats team always took the cheetahs out for walks, just like dogs. If they were around, any other member of the staff could also pet them, feed them, etc., but they did sometimes get more nervous.

mchealy90 says:

Cheetahs are not very social animals. Adult cheetahs at zoos usually like to keep away from other animals, including humans. By raising the cheetah with the dog, the cheetah becomes much more socialized and will be a better zoo attraction.

Alex Cail says:

Cheetahs arent very endurable.

Spartan5487 says:

no, i think it would be called a dogah

peopleunite says:

The end of the video says “Cheetah Hunt, A New Breed of Speed”, I hope they’re not planning to race Cheetahs. It’s bad enough that people race greyhounds.

stretavkaBB says:

LMAO 😀 nice one.

Trung Nguyen says:


lovetoloveyou246810 says:

i would sooo buy one of those

ScaryMary87 says:


appleman1324 says:

i could see it as a tasmanian tiger (wolf) except with cheetah spots

xdunlapx says:

“at the dog?” Did you mean “ate?”

Dillon Mcgee says:

lol poor dog will always loose in tag…

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