Christmas Goldendoodle Puppies from Santa!!

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Our five kids discover not one, but two puppies under the tree!


filippakvarnback says:

In my country we just get 2 or 3 presents Sweden

cindy garcia says:


chrisebear325 says:

The have a huge huge huge house

l ghetto says:

They r rich i think -_-.

bob jones says:

And a “wuffy” new year!

Naouel Ben-Zaied says:

hey leute voll geil man hattet ihr viel glück

Spawner8 says:

I LOVE THIS VIDEO SOOOO MUCH :3 beautiful house, children, and puppies! You are a lucky bunch 😀 i hope you have a great time in your journey of puppy raising :3

luv2pitch3211 says:

How the f?@# do you know that?!? The Kids seem super grateful and i for one am truly happy for them! if your kids or someone you know did that I am sorry that the puppy got the short end of the stick but please don’t judge these beautiful children

Betina Lorentsen says:

Lovely kids .. :)

melvinia lydwin says:

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Buckets223 says:

Lucky kids

Coralie Lachapelle says:

Your luck y my parents dont let me Ave one 🙁


Hey I notice the kid the guy was hogging the dog

Emma Vanhoorne says:

It’s soo cute!

Jessica Ryan says:

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rapingpeterpan3 says:

what a gorgeous family, great kids, great dogs, I hope they all are having the greatest life possible

Viktorisha07 says:

Thank you so much MOMMY!!! i mean SANTA 😀
Amazing moments…

graciepoopooomg says:

This is lovely 🙂 Even if this family is rich, (which doesn’t even matter) at least the children are really thankful and don’t act like spoiled little brats.

Heba Ranshu says:

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Heather Sinn says:

Why do you automatically say black? How would you know she isn’t any other race? What has Ashley ever done to you? Ashley has her own opinion and she just wanted to speak it.

Catherine Spinella says:

What a beautiful house. Such grateful children.

Ashwin Bodalia says:

Everybody calm down

Ashwin Bodalia says:


Ashwin Bodalia says:

I will watch this every 1 hour

MyLondell says:

Nice house

Ashwin Bodalia says:

They are cute!!!!!!!!!!

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