Christmas Puppy Surprise Compilation 2014-2015

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This children getting dog or puppy for christmas. Very amazing moment frist reactions of them than getting dog for christmas present. Children are surprised with christmas present. I think christmas present puppy is very good to teach children love of animals.

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E Centimetres says:

God, some of these people are just obnoxious morons. If you put a puppy in a dark box and scream at it, surely even someone with next to no emotional intelligence can deduce that the puppy will be frightened.

Janice H says:

Seriously people, the idea of giving a pet as a present is nice but don't put them in a box with no holes for them to breath, at least poke some holes for them

WWE Diva says:

So many Omg moments

HoloGaming says:

This kids are so idiotic!? rly they scream so fcking high that the puppy maybe dont can hear anymore

Keke Brown says:

On the second clip she scared the puppy. Lol

李察(Sean) says:


tom crosby says:

I wonder if in India they have any Christmas Boa Constrictor Surprise Compilation videos

Chris Choi says:

funny to see all these western kids say " oh my god".

Bastarden says:

Poor puppies coming to homes where people don't have the sense to NOT FUCKING SCREAM AROUND PUPPIES!!!


Mafi Asai says:

1:02 i did almost the same… they put my dog in the closet and tall my to open the closet i opened and there was a dog so i was surprise and scared and well i close the door … ;)

jimmyqballs says:

4:00 Double husky pups for the WIN

Cicek Zengin says:

I disliked it cuz i am jelous

Pro Cuzinz says:


MilO Senpai says:

That girl reaction "Fuck you this is my dog" Hahahaha

Czekoladowe Labradory says:

Silly video

Deins Anghel says:


Tehreen Rahman says:

so touching :-)

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