Climbing Fence – Funny German Shepherd Puppy Video

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Codie, a German Shepherd puppy, owner had for about 2 weeks. The puppy was sneaking out of the kitchen so a camera set up so it would catch her in the act. Crazy puppy!


emeroncel says:

My shepherd is quite dumb, but hilarious to watch when he tears up all of the toys I buy him

AlphaWolf2486 says:

My Shepard is an escape artist,too! Well, if you call bashing through objects is an escape!

tagliazz says:


175footballfreak says:

My Shepard opened a lockedd pushed against the wall shut and a REAL lock like a shed lock tie wrapped and rope tied crate………………..I still barely know how.

weldad987 says:

my german shepherd haahah did the same to i waws shocked lol

RocnRoller86 says:

german shepherds are so smart my did the same thing also when she was a puppy

sscolblaze3319 says:


aboodal3las says:


MaryTalk says:

An Escape artist! lol 

xmikerinehartx says:

dog- I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

okgogook says:

My german shepherd did the same thing as a puppy! So smart!

7572000409poland24 says:

would not see joey doing this

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