Corgi Learns to use iFETCH Ball Launcher – BEST DOG TOY

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iFetch Ball Launcher is Gatsby the Corgi’s Favorite Dog Toy. Watch as I train him how to use the automatic ball launcher and how he masters it! The toy keeps him busy for hours every day! Gatsby Reviews the iFetch. Footage taken from my main channel: VlogAfterCollege. (This video is NOT sponsored by iFetch.)

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Alexa TheRebel says:

Such a cute little smart furball <3

Lala says:

My favorite doggy on YouTube. I've pretty much spent the entire week watching every single one of your videos, including the main vlog :)))

BrownEyedBeauty831 says:

maybe invest in a go pro for gatsby cam? and use a doggie harness

Lil'Mo Lately says:

Cute video. I love how Gatsby tries to next level his ifetch by throwing his chew toy into the mix.

Doge Dont Care says:

Play dead and see what Gatsby does please. It'd be really interesting.

Sara1227 says:

He is just SO adorable! I've watched him grow like he was my own little doggy.

D Heyes says:

Dad, why do we have so many toys to choose from? I like it when we play together, you are my favorite human.

Kay Broughton says:

I really like watching Gatsby. He is a very intelligent boy.

nancy chan says:

Gatsbys tail moves 3-4 times after he put the ball in the ifetch haha. Awh 

lps candy 200 kaylee says:

aww he so cute

Badzeep says:

He's so adorable! You're a good doggy daddy. :)

TravelJunkieTV says:

Gatsby is such a good dog and so smart too! That is the coolest fetch toy!!

Fsaan Ness says:

I have an idea for this channel, Corgi Cam. Set up a camera where Gatsby can't reach and record his daily activities when you're gone.

darwin lambert says:

where's the bonding in this toy?

Fsaan Ness says:

He never learned to back up

BethanAllsorts says:

He's so cute!

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