Cute dog guilty face – Cafetime-cz

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Close – more funny videos No reason to deny it. Guilty dog show his true face. We love dogs…


Ivory Asagwara says:

Shame on you for accusing denver!!! The first dog looked like the suspect

MrYdog101 says:

The dogs face :/

badbabybear1 says:

Denver looks like he’s having an acid trip.

Victoria johnson says:

soooooo cute i could watch it alllllll day=]

DreadMauler says:

what an awesome dog :)

babybinladen123 says:

Denver looks absolutely baked

Desiree Rampershad says:

Omw my dog does the same thing!!! LOL

sian greenwood says:

the dogs face is a it!

Jonathan Bright says:

It looks like Denver is singing in this video

EpicSzilvia says:

58 people are Denver!

computeringgeek says:

1:20 bitch please

mariusz smerchanski says:

Hey wanna make out? like a couple of dogs?

mariusz smerchanski says:

dogs are better than cats…

321vanessa321 says:

Your so mean to the dog aww,

GcodePS3XBOX360 says:

I think the dog is goona suicide, lol jk he couldn’t take more preasure

Luz Collazos says:

Denver you are sooooo cute!!! love you Denver but you are guilty…sorry!! lol

LipRouge says:

HAHAHAHA!!!! That is hysterical. What a cutie.

NewsfromArnold says:

Checkout the new weekly talking dog videos from Arnold!

DanielleTBD says:

He doesn’t look guilty so much as like he’s about to be sick from eating the wrong kind of treats.

Pett4435 says:

dog is tripping balls 1:20

snaz76 says:

The first thing I thought of when I heard it first time (and every´time I hear it after..) 😀

balziak says:

dude this is too cute

ThisIsTori says:

thats not his guilty face, the dogs high as f*** Lol

ThisIsTori says:

Thats not his guilty face, that dogs BLAZED.

Muntaser Majthoub says:

Denver, you guilty as hell, man!

therealrosalieann says:


TheMadSyrupMaker says:

Denver is one of my favorite people………

Ricky Stephens says:

I love it!! You’ll like these videos if you liked this…

Morpheus X says:

Is Woody Harrelson doing the voiceover?

punkassprincezz says:

poor dogs lol

djphanatic213 says:

COME ON DENVER!!!!! Play it off or something, lol. awesome!

Iremember1977two says:

well folks one thing all dogs have in common the scooby doo syndrome when theres food around they just cant help themselves its the one thing they just cant resist they will eat anything any time anywhere if it smells good

richmanpoman1 says:

This is hysterical…LOL!

trolololololol77 says:

denver is totally stoned

jasminxclarinet says:

or the cat lol

jasminxclarinet says:

aw lol cute but sad xD

Jonna Kandolin says:


monicahellweg63 says:

Hum, He looks scared of you as if….

steve smith says:

the music is great for this video

iamufreakFUGGL says:

My dog acts like that too. The only thing it’s afraid of is my alpha dog posture which I guess does scare the shit out of it. Getting scared is the worst thing it endured. A dog can know shame without someone having beaten it into it.

Kerry Hytry says:

Dog is shaking and obviously scared shit of you (thus the teeth showing) Shame

Heather Campos says:

Wow that poor thing he really felt bad. I think he was sorry.

MelbaToast454 says:


Aaron Hughes says:


Weplayminecraft3 says:

watch it be macy

Kyle Dane Radowsky says:


spiracell89 says:

“uh! denver u wont look at me!” lol

haycall says:


Dtrini2NV says:

Lol he is so friggin cute

Yogi Plato says:

come check out my 2 doggies playing on my page! love this videooo!

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