Cute Dogs (Americas Funniest Home Videos / AFV)

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Close Funny and cute dogs collection from AFV.


lourdes232388 says:


iritsuCHAN says:

0:56 oh my gosh! my pug ate like that when she was little! =D

Aimee Whitehead says:

that is f#@?ing horrible what they were doing to that puppy pom! you sick sick people. how could anyone laugh at that?

haycall says:

check out my funny crazy dog…you would love it.

Heaven Swanson says:

I think it’s a West Highland White Terrier. If I’m wrong, sorry!

SimplyMEHHH says:

Sooo freaking cute !!!!

Lmteach27 says:

Ahahaha. Can’t not laugh. These are great…

FleasOffNational says:

I love it! Watching these great puppies waking up, and catching food.

EverybodyLovesMaria says:

1:18 What breed??? Tell me, please!

ilovedogswoofwoof says:


zigzag513 says:

Lol ×∞

TheDogRealityZone says:

Man, this video never gets boring. It is just totally awesome.

KanekoXLiamB says:

That I can agree! Still is adorable though

Yogi Plato says:

come check out my 2 doggies playing on my page! love this videooo!

lulu818LA says:

awwww lmaoo

Lebooboo91 says:

Too *

Lebooboo91 says:

Topo cute

小博 王 says:


DimitriVegasShmigg says:

thats so dangerous 🙁

Aleboomba422 says:

why call the man stupid? U mad

PiCiGirlLPS says:

Half pomerainian. Half tasmanian devil= a Pawsmaniean devil. >:3

sheloackim says:

I think, this is actually a good way to make your dog have some exercise 🙂

dfghj241 says:

every animal on earth! =]

So1othurn says:

you got a bad attitude -_-

jlockette says:

The most entertaining part of this video is how AFV uses commentary to make the videos LESS funny. They’re getting good at it. Because if they’re actually trying to make them funnier, then that’s just sad.

palme1991 says:

i love puppies 😀 i’ve got one too !! /watch?v=1XeGt3A95BE

TheKarinaRox says:


redwine0891 says:

West highland white terrier. Cheers

Eldour Huntre says:

You taught a dog how to have a spasm on que?! *Sudden respect*

SixPhycho says:

can i haz?

saraghamari says:

that pomeranian was awfully cuuuuuuuuuuuuute from devil to angel

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