CUTEST Golden Retriever puppy EVER tries first creek leap :-D

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Duncan sure is a cutie. Failure…then success! You gotta hand it to the little guy, 6 weeks old. More videos to come! Subscribe and comment for more adorabi…


lovesdogs1234 says:

What a cutie!

SexySheerah says:

Cute fella, I love the way it bounce! Like a fluffy ball!

Robert Lee says:

Adorable baby doggie

Huros100 says:

Cutest puppy ever!

hannah banna says:

omg so ute

Teryn walsh says:


JTEq2 says:

Too.cute! I breed goldens and man they’re great dogs!

titans97740 says:


Em Pivy says:


ImaginaryHouse says:

He was only about 7 weeks when I shot this, I have some better videos I am putting together of him that are very cute! He is now 3 months old.

Chenran Wang says:

How old is your dog?

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