Dog Can’t Catch Carrot on String: Cute Dog Maymo

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Dog Can’t Catch Carrot on String: Cute Dog Maymo
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Watch cute dog Maymo battle a carrot on a string. At first Maymo has a difficult time catching the elusive carrot, but soon enough the cute dog musters enough energy to jump off the couch and chase his adversary around the dining room. Using his world renowned ninja agility skills, Maymo is able to capture the carrot and eat it.


Christine Y says:

He is really enjoying the carrot chase! I love Maymo!

culwin says:

I don't think he's even trying

m1uffi says:

Maymo is a sweet and great artist!!

Dymeczka says:

gymnastics, fun, food :)

WolfLoveBubbles says:

So cute!!!!

Chris Gadarowski says:

Looks like he eventually (crunch, crunch) caught it!

tyler13161 says:

Maymo do a video with you humans in the videos.

Trixies Mama says:

Too darn cute! Those ears are to die for! My dog would not have put so much effort into getting a carrot. I would have to swing a ham over his head :/

MyFondestMemories says:

Shame on you…you vegetable

Lesly Monserrat Monserrat Aransa Nieto says:


Scare Yourself says:

I love how there are 5 carrots hanging behind him he doesn't even notice.

fazioboxer100 says:

awesome dog

John Friend says:

You have to be one of the best dog owners out there and it shows. Always giving pets attention, healthy coats and weights, and all those vegetables!

Michael Kaspshak says:

Put a Bully Stick on the end of that string, and I bet he'd catch it.

Marycarmen Maltez says:

I love Maymo!

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