Dog versus Deer ORIGINAL

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OUR DOG BUDDY WRESTLES AND PLAYS BALL WITH OUR BABY WHITE TAIL DEER My brother found this deer alone and malnourished when it was a tiny baby. My family bottle fed the baby, named Theen until he was eating grass. Several months later he’s very socialized with people, our black lab, and our cats. He is free to wander if he likes and we’ve seen him with several herds of whitetail and axis deer. Apparently he fits in just fine with them. He frequently comes back to the house to eat some catfood and play with our dog, Buddy. He doesn’t care much for deer corn. Ellen Degeneres showed this video on her show and website on January 22, 2010! Anderson Cooper 360 showed the video on March 30, 2010! This was on the Bonnie Hunt show on March 31, 2010! We made it to Japan!


wyleecoyotes says:

What a beautiful video! Thanks for sharing. I watched it twice.

Iimakitus says:

oh my good, deer is like fuck you and dog is just YAY FRIEND LET´S PLAY LET´S PLAY YAYYYYYY

akinot69 says:

y in the world do u have a deer

98765432139267 says:

at 3:05 . Hold on time out!!

grobbyman says:

You have an awesome profile picture. 

eNiiiiiiiiiiiGMa says:

When will this blood bath end! Can’t dog and deer see they’re hurting everyone around them. What has our world come to. They should learn how to communicate better about their problems.

woltar9 says:

NICE I LOVE IT IS is happen to my dog WHEN WE IN PARK

RainVine says:

Give that deer boxing gloves! =D
I love this!

TheJMSESQ says:

never knew anyone to have a deer for a pet. where do you live, Alaska or something?

TheJMSESQ says:

i got so tired watching that black lab run back and forth i had to take a nap.

lafanter says:

Anyone noticed the cats just sitting there watching lol

詳細 宝くじ当選 当選金の一億譲ります says:


SmiLeyizzy1 says:

I have a baby alligator at my house diner ups

Josie Rudy says:

That’s so funny… And cute…that deer is a brave deer my dogs would have scared the deer away

jaochaigob says:

Deer hooves are very sharp and could have literally taken your dog’s eye out.

shibbyguy420 says:

great looking property! also a fun scene with the animals 🙂

rustysteam says:

It’s nice to have a friend to play with….

Owen Genereux says:

Love the video

PS3pwns360uKNOWit says:

Awesome dog, this dog is totally in the moment, I love how happy she looks everytime she turns the corner prouncing around.

specks1983 says:

That is so cool. Deer and dog playing.

MightySaturn5 says:

great video

dotseroGT says:

Lol the deer is beating the shit out of the dog. But this video is awesome haha.

Gennaro rossi says:

love the dog. hope he doesn’t get hurt by the deer.

lilredrunningshoe says:

I love that old barn in the background!
Cute video,,,

muttonbuster says:

Typical labrador. “Look, here’s the ball want to play…..aww to bad, you were too slow. Here, I’ll put it closer to you so you can get it….aww, too slow again.”

thepatgomes1 says:

You should tag it so noone shoots it

Tyster360 says:

That would suck if a nearby hunter shot him…

joandillmore says:

So cute!!! ;)

YesItsCod says:

Where do you get off having sex with baby bufflo?

87chunky says:

4:10 Deer dies

Iamoldenough92 says:

Look at the cats in the end: “What a bunch of idiots”

michael dawson says:

stupid lttlel bitch girl let the fucking dog fight dumbass

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