Dog Welcomes Home Soldier…Again

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To say that our boxer, Chuck, was excited to see him come home is an understatement. (And if you’re wondering why it says “again” it is because we went through this a year ago as well. That video is also posted.)


TheDragonFinder says:

biggest is a WW2 anti air craft cannon, which still works except it doesn’t aim up any more. they aimed it forwards to use at parades and to also test see how some armoured vehicles hold up against it.

TheDragonFinder says:

bull fucking shit dick head.. i have two dogs and i’m a brit. and my cousin has a dog that did this when he was away for 2 years fighting your wars making sure the war never went over to your country, and when he came home his dog did the same thing to him. but if you want to give us shit, then come over here to the UK and say it to my face rather than hiding behind a computer screen in your own house. but be warned, every one has a gun here and the lowest sized bullet here is .30cal..

Knightfury1962 says:

Thats beautiful welcome.  Thank u soldier.

enkecreer says:

yo quiero uno asi pero ,,como el dueño….jajaj

psychoman1967 says:

Where is this? The plates look Euro to me, and you’re speaking English, but the scumbag Brits would take that dog and murder him like the filth they are.

hertin itup says:

dogs mad mate put it down befor it bikes somebody

Patricia Watson says:

I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to . . .

grudgrime says:

THis is my favorite reunion to watch!!! Just awsome!

TheSilversurfer12345 says:

Fantastic mate when dog greats you like that thay don’t for get you

john johnson says:

wow,I’ve watched this 6 times and still get a thrill

chicaluna27 says:


bobbycone2 says:

Nothing better than a dogs love. Great video!

alex harris says:

B-Rand Bowser 3 weeks ago
Owner: Dead X_X
Plus Beter Love Story Than Twilight XD

Entenstampferreturns says:

oh look, a nice red car in the background and i dont mean the BB FU 7468 one…
are you there in germany?

ymes2 says:

Trust in the Lord JESUS CHRIST with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Trust JESUS CHRIST, make Him the Lord of your life !

Nikaury gonzzoliz says:


ukfan4sure1 says:

Dogs….. They don’t live long enough!

nazri nazirali says:

I was watching dis vid and my cat look at me…in its mind she must been probably thinkin..”so you comparing me with a dog?”

stoinge says:


fatsweeps says:

sooooooo cute, i think the dog likes you


If you have time please check out my channel fatsweeps, “Cute kids sharing water” and (others if you like) I hope you enjoy the videos let me know what you think..

4uVidzz says:

A cat would have been like: “Oh shit, its you again! -.-“

duran42087 says:

Awwee made me cry!

tim82418 says:

OH, I’m so touched.

gn02169919 says:

so sweet!

southernsales7777777 says:

thats the reason y i love dogs!

Gina Hsiao says:

he is one of the best (cutest) dogs in this world!!

XKingOfHeartsXx says:

Dogs #1

Cats: “you’re back whatever” -_-


neecee401100 says:

Thank You!

neecee401100 says:

I have feeling you’ve ended up with some fucked up cats and just sit there and think that EVERY single cat on this planet is the exact same way. You think dogs are all so innocent and perfect? I’ve come across some fucked up dogs that will destroy the house as soon as their owners leave. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t get a dog or think every dog acts the exact same way. The worst my cat has done is cough up a hairball. Natural cat behavior.

MissyLooou says:

Lol!! I’ve read past comments and I gotta admit your cat sounds like a right twat! But don’t tar all kitties with the same brush, mine are awesome pets 😀

jamesonknott says:

I lived with a cat who once shat in my bed. It crawled underneath the covers and laid a duce to be sure that I wouldnt see it until I had my foot in it. The current cat I’m stuck living with waits for fresh laundry to be folded and left out to then piss on it. I once picked it up to show it that I had put out food, the damn thing dug it’s claws into the stairs and ripped the carpet up. I have a feeling your cat already fucks you over in some fashion and you’re just too sheepish to admit.

xNaturalHD says:

Böblingen? LOL 😀

MrDoritoO says:

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ElAlexxis says:

maybe its people that have in mind this individual is a mercenary whos job is to create or supprort creating misery around the globe.

nobody would downvote the happy dog

neecee401100 says:

Don’t hold your breath dude lol.

jamesonknott says:

O_o who are these guys and where are you meeting them??? o_O

jamesonknott says:

I’ll be expecting it soon.

u2good2b4gotn says:

0:23 – 0:32 The audio alone sounds like two guys getting it on. Ha ha.

Alfa patel says:

fuch you all downvoters. You people are assholes and probable alone. Suck this 8================D Bityoches

MrTickTickB00Mify says:

Cat: “Sup?”

neecee401100 says:

LOL IF that happens. I won’t hesitate to get on here and say you were right.

Pistola Pancho says:

When I die I want to go where dogs go.

oxide112 says:

“What where !? BOOM ! out of the trunk

jamesonknott says:

I’m serious, watch your back. One of these days that cat is going to fuck. your. shit. up. You know what you’re going to say when that day comes? OOHHHHH DAMN IT, I should’ve listened to Jameson.

Elodren says:

Automatically assumed it to be filmed in the USA, but it’s actually Böblingen. So he’s a Green Beret from the 10th SPG, ain’t he? Welcome home to Germany. 🙂

OriginalJoseyWales says:

I can tell this guy was a good soldier, he managed to get his sun shades to safety under incoming fire

Spraaaaay says:

‘Man’s best friend’

Helen Kim says:

This video just had me GIGGLING the whole time!!! That dog’s reaction is the perfect image of “being happy to see someone” 😀

Dan Neuenswander says:

I love these videos, cats just suck. Try this experiment, put your wife and dog in the trunk of your car, wait one hour, open trunk. Guess which one is happy to see you ?

AngrySackBoy says:

And that’s how a dog gives hugs 🙂 Can’t wait to get home and see Oreo! Been a full year.

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