Dogs are Man’s Best Friend Compilation 2015

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Dogs are Man’s Best Friend Compilation 2015

The statement that the dog is man’s best friend was first recorded as being made by Frederick II, King of Prussia, referring to one of his Italian greyhounds as his best friend. The term was likely popularized by its use in a poem by Ogden Nash. It has since become a colloquialism, and refers to domestic dogs highlighting their close relations, loyalty, and companionship with humans. © wikipedia

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I am Perfection says:

I see this video and I am just here with my dog who humps strangers. :l

Rio Pamungkas says:


Clive Haselhuhn says:

And here are the cat people thinking, their going to maul their faces off… AAaannnyy second now…

tri TRAN says:

amazing video, very heartwarming 🙂
does anyone know the song name, if i may ask?

Discra Huro says:

And cat people try to make cats seem like THEY'RE Man's Best Friend…
Guys, Dogs are paws down the best animal to have.
Dogs Rule.

Sam Lemacks says:

Dogs teaching humans being how to be.

Jacob Watson says:

4:24 thats fucking awesome

Six chains since sixth grade says:

Logged in just to give this video thumbs up.

成宮赤士 says:


Pushkar Indora says:

24 People Dislikes this. -_- You guys must be the butchers from China's Yulin Festival.

Dani Bilodre Gimeni says:

tem um q é idiota o cara amarro o cachorro varias vezes até o cachorro aprende isso se eu fosse ele ia pega um pau e anda com o pau pra apoia

Gocha Gviniashvili says:

Music Please !!!!!!

Donovan Stone says:

They actually want to please us, and act to protect us right away when they think we're in danger. Sure, we feed them, and they do love to eat. But it goes beyond that.

Leonardo Zogno says:

Si ma 'sta musica di merda?

syche18 says:

nice dogs helpfull and playfull

john Magill says:

Dogs are awesome

anna daniela travaglio says:

è il vero amico dell'uomo,bellissimo video

Kenyan Bunnie says:

And people want to question why any furbaby pareent would risk life to Their Own Their Attempt to save furbaby, HELLO! Watch this!

carnivalor says:

melt my heart

Monika94100 says:

wow these clips of dogs really touched my heart..dogs truly are men's best friends ^_^ <3

zie sue says:

love your pet and stop animal cruelty

swapnil kenjale says:

That wheelchair scene made me cry????????????

mr_chin says:

Dogs > Cats

sarat angom says:

Dogs are awesome

eightypuff01 says:

It's hard to grasp how insanely good this montage would have been without the music.


the first one like a thug !

Yang ChaoFan says:

Only Chinese people eat dog meat

Happy Suicide says:

So cute. ♥

Brendan Connolly says:

Very good from brendan

slobelukic83 says:

Unconditional love!

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