Dogs Who Don’t Want Their Kid to Go Back to School

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Back to school is right around the corner, but these dogs don’t want their kids to go back. Dogs don’t like going back to school any more than kids do!

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Milo's Kitchen says:

Great Video!! Check out our latest video "Thank You Doggy" in honor of “National Dog Appreciation Day”.

Pet Scoop says:

Happy Monday!  Here's a really cute video. Are you experience any #backtoschool drama?

darla says:

You can't get away with that in the city. At least it's rural areas

TheDejman says:

Czy tylko ja w 1:17 słyszę "o kurwa mać" ??

Lauren Johnson says:

Although this is very funny; I cannot BELIEVE people let their "beloved"? dogs run loose like that! the dogs could easily be run over and killed by the buses right in front of those little kids; so terrible, so preventable.  That little white dog should be taken away from his owner and given to a more responsible owner who wont endanger him by letting him run loose.

gypsijewel says:

omg how funny, cute and sad at the same time! just love doggies, so sweet and loving. wish they hadnt cut the vid!

Novrita Sianturi says:


The Person With A Very Long Account Name says:

If that was me, I would do anything it takes to keep them from coming home.

ahabtheplant says:

They're called LEASHES, people!!

A bus full of rowdy kids + loose dog + distracted driver = Tragedy!

Girasol says:

I hope that the dog that carries the lunchbox at least gets to eat the leftovers! Loved this video!

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