Ever wonder what dogs do while waiting for you?

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Have you ever wondered what your dogs do when you leave the house? This owner decided to set up a camera and recorded his puppies, Mr. Pepper and Margo, as they waited patiently! Adorable!

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Kenny K says:

Thats not cool. You totally violated their privacy. How would you feel if i recored you without you knowing.

Maria Liidia Mägi says:

Well my dog made my house a living hell

Makayla Holt says:

The cat is just sleeping the whole time!

Yo Momma says:

And we wonder why our dogs are so hyper? They do NOTHING all day and the second we get home, they are ready to jump and play. Poor things lol.

Julia Żądlak says:

Oglądałam lepsze filmiki!!!

Shazzam Pants says:

the raccoon is in the naughty corner

Tiago Maciel says:

wait the cat kill the littleone?

regina maria tardin says:

interessante e verdadeiro!!!

Patricia De Biase says:

Temos acesso a muitos vídeos gravados enquanto os tutores saem de casa, que mostram os cães mais arteiros e inteligentes do mundo, fazendo algumas coisas difíceis de acreditar.
Nesse caso, o trio (dois cães e um gatinho) está, diferente de todos os outros, muito calmo. Os cães ainda se mexem, apenas mudando de posição, mas o gatinho, é quase uma estátua.

Via Portal do Dog

tashafera says:

Cute! Such good dogs!

Anthony Herbella says:

Not all of them


Awwww, lol cute

Daryl Sawyer says:

They look so bored.

Hinz Zimmler says:

And here i thought that dogs played poker while there was no humans around. lol

Kelly Murphy says:


Denny Gunawan says:

That was AmAzInG

Jerraine Kliovynh Ng says:

So sweet!  Don't know if my dog does the same when I am out working…!

Maya Stephens says:

My dog will just trash everthing with my dad's dog Tip.

Michayla crumble says:

They all look bored lol

skinny jason says:

cat: FAAAARRT!!! hehehe snort

debra bolton says:

What is the piece of music playing? The dogs are great together.

debra bolton says:

Loved the music. Cats do care, they just have better control over their emotions. lol.

Laura Francis says:

So sweet! How patient they are.

Perlita Habanera says:

the cat didn't move the whole time. I have a Siamese and she waits for me behind the door.  When I open the door she lays in the floor wanting me to pet her belly and she meaws.  She also meaws out loud when am gone.

Govind Bang says:

cats don't even give a fuck !

ember's page says:

it should have said "dogs follow cat's lead" hehe

Dave Sonawane says:

The cat be like "Fuck the human … i am sleeping .."

Marcus Patton says:

What kind of dog is the bigger one? 

Luis Fernandes says:

Check out this video on YouTube:dansasdecarnaval

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