Funny Cats Meeting Cute Puppies Compilation

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Funny cats meeting puppies can be so cute. Check out these cats meeting puppies. When a cat meets a puppy for the first time she/he looks so curious and funny


HotchiwawaChronicles says:

1:14 the chiwawa are funny :D

veera samy says:

Funny Cats Meeting Cute Puppies Compilation || NEW:

alese cardhu says:

can't beat the neko punch 🙂

veera samy says:

Funny Cats Meeting Cute Puppies Compilation || NEW:

Keeton Schwartz says:

So cute

getter käär says:

♡♥♡♥♡Awwwwwww♡♥♡♥♡ Kawaii :3

Dorian Dates says:

4:28 Dog and cat interacial + makeout

Emerald Willow says:

Most of these cats were assholes

s4ujcd says:

1:25  The cat is like "I don't get you."

Jodye Rudolph says:

I see a lot of teaching going on. This is normal behavior, unless your cat suffers from Cuddle Syndrome, where they see baby animal and must cuddle them, no matter what.

mazeyzz says:

Cat: hello unknown creature I'm……
Cat: dafuq

Guy says:

2:44 don't touch me dude!

NightStar787 says:

2:41 is the best.

Puppy: C'mon strange creature, lets play! 
Cat: What the heck?
Puppy: Let's play!
Cat: No (pushes puppy's face into the ground)

George Bowen says:

The puppy at 3:05 is so cute

Crissy S says:

That first video. I want to touch his head but I don't quiet know if I want to. 

wing47ll says:

Me and my dog used to live with roommates who had 3 cats. I did notice one thing, for those who never had any pets, probably would think dogs are a dangerous to cats.  But reality is exactly the opposite.  Not saying cats would cause harm to dogs, but they surely always bully the dogs!  Dogs in general are friendly, they just wanna be friends with everyone.  Cats, however, are more alert and self-protective.  It's funny when you have dogs and cats living under the same roof!

spidess111 says:

Dogs are just all excitable and bouncing around like WANNA PLAY! WANNA PLAY! WANNA PLAY! Cats want to play as well but they are WAY too cool to show it haha.

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