Funny Puppy + Pill Bottle

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This puppy is really into this pill bottle! He must want a few or just in a really playful mood. – Sidney – German Shepherd / Border Collie Mix, 7 months old Dallas, TX


hockey32 says:

haha too funny!

MrSkyrimrules says:

This looks exactly like my little Chief…only he’s 6 weeks:P

Julia Hickey says:

At the begining the dog was like shut that thing up I’m trying to sleep.

TheHeatLord says:

1:22 to 1:35 made me almost pee my pants

johooten2008 says:

I am going through a pretty rough time and when that happens I sometimes google ‘funny puppies’ and this came up. I’m laughing for the first time today. Thanks 🙂

gwinnettful says:

This is EXACTLY why people love dogs! Great vid!

bububububass says:

a 6 minute video….definately the owner 🙂 We do this with our dogs…we deff have more entertainment 🙂

AmyJockTina says:

That is soooooo cute and funny! I wonder who is having more fun; you or the puppy? 😉

MerryMermaid1987 says:

Gives a new meaning to “happy pills” 🙂

murphy22488 says:

Super super super funny… I have a male German shep and my baby Maggie border collie. She is in heat and he wont leave her alone I for see puppies in the next few months. If they look like her, I’ll be so excited she is adorable!!

kalmage136 says:

That’s so cute on f

markyyyyyyyy321 says:

Nottingham England theres loads for sale. Collection only, they won’t deliver via airmail I don’t think! 🙂

qwertyuiop76146 says:

thats so cute <3

starvin86 says:

I want that dog

choachi2 says:

Hey, I got my dog 16 years ago from there. She’s a german/collie mix apparently.

The11sportsdude says:

My Dog is a shih-tzu poodle mix he is on youtube look at my channel and watch them plz it will make me and my dog Lucky Happy

manhands77 says:

i adopted my boy max from north shore animal league in long island i didnt know what he was mixed with i knew it was german shepherd but some lady in the park saw me playing with him and said it was boarder collie

9pinkyandthebrain says:

@916Britt BE SURE TO CHECK CRAIGSLIST…its where i got mine/looking at it tomorrow I got several leads on the site.

916Britt says:

Can anyone here tell me where I can find German Shepherd/Border Collie mix puppies?? I live in California and can’t find them anywhere!!! Thank you! 🙂

916Britt says:

Can anyone here tell me where I can find German Shepherd/Border Collie mix puppies?? I live in California and can’t find them anywhere!!! Thank you! 🙂

JBieberfanxlove says:

I have a border collie/german shephard mix too! Lol she reminds me of this dog, except she’s older. 😀

nygisgod says:

im picking mine up tomorrow!!

ghariiscool says:

looks like my dog when he was that age lol
and he is silly like my dog was
R.I.P. i miss you max

Paddafromcompo10 says:

My dogs are the size of big border collies, tht is smaller than german shepherds. Looking at all the pictures I have collected in my border collie x german shepherd mix dogs facebook group it seems most dogs are pretty much the
same size, but it of course depends on if they re 50%/50% mixes or if one breed dominates.

TheKrazylaydee says:

I have a 6 month old german shepherd/border collie mix and she’s about 50 pounds already. She’s dominantly shepherd but there’s really no telling because it just depends on which breed is more dominant. They say our pup will be about 80-85 pounds only because she’s dominantly shepherd.
have fun with them because they’re a pleasure and i couldn’t have chosen a better pup 🙂

mulk9462 says:

@thebaseballassassin Sidney is about 80 pounds at only 1 year old!

PumpkinXxXQueen says:

I JUST adopted an 8 week old mix of the same breeds!!!

ThePoblina says:

Awwwh Adorable puppy 🙂 this vid made me laugh :L so cute 🙂

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