Funny Puppy Video of Pugs Identity Crisis

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Puppies are funny when they see themself in a mirror. This dog Jack in this funny puppy video was a featured guest on animals planets “puppies vs babies” 10/22/2011.


kangalchita says:

hahahaaa crazy beautiful dog:-))

prozombietactics says:

how old is he in this video ?

afhamel13 says:

He’s so cute

AlBaNiAnGaNgStA93 says:

he thought he was kissing another pug he got happy for a second lol

Diogomacias says:

Are you serious? Are they hurting the puppy, are they mistreating it? Stop being such a dumb asshole and get your shit straight.

Diogomacias says:

After that I’ll just have to watch to a violent movie and swear a lot to restore my manliness.

crizelivan says:

cute puppy

Redoggy532 says:

Such a cute little bark!

Teiron CZ says:

Our pugs did this too :D:D:D

MrEcho815 says:

how is this animal cruelty in any way?

LINNIpod says:

cute <3 <3

jojo12727 says:

Aww, I also have a pug

Lrh2468 says:

He’s like, STOP MOCKING ME!!! Lol!!xx

MrLolol1155 says:

I have a one eyed pug! 😀

SaintBrett1 says:

Awww he is so cute I have a pug to

lovescherries1 says:

That is sooooo cute how old is he?? X

echgee98 says:

OMG that was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen lol!

Loveharrystyles79 says:

That was so cute!!

FloridaLaxer15 says:

Animal cruelty.. this is the reason why america sucks, smh

jacksoncole79 says:

check out my puppy video 😀

HockeyFightzBack says:

My pug is 3 and he still does this. And oh gawd, if you put a mirror infront of his food bowl? It’s all out WAR!!! =)

Dardarthebear says:

my pug used to do this!! sooo cute!!

KelsieLovesBieber says:


Ch6lsea says:

and apparently dolphins can too

Mehedict says:

Actually the only animals proved to recognize themselves in a mirror are apes.. poor puggy thinks there’s another dog in the house

mshadjackson23 says:

Pugs are awesome :))

alesea restrepo says:

thts so adorable

kdogsoulsoph says:

come watch our video! 🙂 (btw this puppy is really cute)

saidysanchez123 says:


arpita subash tugave says:

hahaha! cute! rofl

livluvlaf55 says:

What a little narcissistic pug puppy!

haltomcityprincess says:

Soooooo cute.

Laura Roldan says:

love itty

allie arnold says:

so adorable!!!!!!!!!<3

XminecraftsniperX says:

my dog used to do that. he also used to walk into the glass door.

MultiCloney says:

would love to keep a pet like this..very very very cute !!!

Into Thetube says:

cutest thing

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