Golden Retriever Puppy Taking A Bath

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Even the cutest puppies need baths sometimes! Most will not be too happy about it and try to run!


manu gel says:

00:36 his face 😀

TehPhlex ~ English Gamer ~ says:

Puppy thoughts: You may be in control of me now but when my army rise it shall be I bathing you! Muhahhahaha! You foolish humans you think us ”Puppy’s” Are cute well were not! My army will be biggest of them all…. Muhahaha… HAHAHA MUHAHAHHAHAH.

Kenna Dell says:

I love my golden retriever! He is seriously the best dog in the world! He’s a little chicken though. We got a call from our neighbor last year saying our dog was in their backyard being chased by their cat!:/ He’s cute, but a wimp!

LittleLulubee says:

I love the part where you brush her!!! 🙂

Clark Renacia says:

I need to find a tree. I need to punch something hard. Like now. :3

James McAnally says:

You won’t regret it; they’re great!

ElegantSkies says:

I see. c:

WingZeroHeeroYuy says:

Golden are easy to train. That’s why we see more of them helping the blind.

ashhk11 says:

yeah true. well I’m going to get one.

James McAnally says:

Cancer is impossible to avoid in any living thing seeing as we receive radiation on a daily basis; I’d say get one. They’re the greatest dogs in my opinion.

Genevieve Mays says:

I know it’s really sad. It’s like dachschunds, they’re either the mellowist goof balls you’ll ever meet or they are down right nasty- and it just comes down to responsible breeders

Joe Nicks says:

How true, we saved a Golden from a home where it was attacked by the older dog. Turned out he was a puppy mill dog and suffered from seizures. He took meds his whole life. But, he was the sweetest, kindest dog we ever had. We called him our “California Dude” , lol. He only lived to age 10 and is still missed today and that was 4 years ago. We have another Golden and he is great. But, we need to stop these puppy mills from over producing dogs. It’s just not fair the the breed.

Mandy - Pupster says:

So ,when do i take him home ? j k

ashhk11 says:

I want one! but people said they get cancer. 🙁

Valyn66 says:

Well, sure. I wasn’t trying to paint Goldens as a biting breed, by any means. I was just trying to illustrate the horror that irresponsible breeding of popular breeds can create. Badly bred Goldens are some of the top biters, now.

And that’s tragic. says:

My Goldy doesn’t bite and I live in Australia… meh, must’ve been a good breeder.

MissSeaworld8 says:

Oh my god, so cute! Loves to be cuddled with 🙂

makavelicss says:

what type of budgie is this and how does its fur so long?

tonib000y says:

0:38, the puppy’s reaction was like. “Yea.. scrub it bitch… scrub it like there’s no tomorrow…” so adorable! XD

SinkOrSwim says:

How can you not like a video like this?

ElegantSkies says:

Lots of other dogs can do the same. lol.

alovesherdoggie says:

TOO TOO CUTE! My gosh! My brain just exploded with cuteness! How could 38 people dislike this? Cruel people…

xxxLegoprodxxx says:


John Barton says:

Dog logic: loves water hates taking a bath

Duy Than says:

It’s so fluffy!!!

femmenadoce says:

oh my God!!!!!sooooo cuteeeeeeeeee <3 <3 <3

Jānis Sprudzāns says:

Taking sink 😀

swefatsweman says:

And you’re a buzzkill, just look at it!

Patrick Roldan says:

Need to punch a wall to get nanliness back!!

czoraa21 says:


Anastasya Ayu says:

o my god,so cute !!!

Valyn66 says:

I’m sorry? Did you somehow mistake me for “dragging a breed’s name through the mud” for pointing out the simple, documented truth that GR’s now have strains of aggression which would have been thought unthinkable for this breed? I’m advocating for responsible breeders and you accuse me a “dragging them through the mud?”


Dogs are BRED for certain traits. You cannot simply blame the owners. If you think of me as an “idiot” “spreading shit,” then fuck you and your ignorance.

Jay Rodri〈3 says:

Big for a puppy

Dianne Mcgee says:

I’ve never met a pit that bites either. But that’s the point. Don’t drag a breeds name through the mud because of “facts”. It creates the reputation and when people get that reputation in their minds they tend to treat that breed with such disrespect.

I mean look at pit fights. Cruel people will purposefully mistreat dogs just for fighting for their own amusement all because of a reputation that people kept repeating. It’s a learned attitude and it’s all because of idiots spreading shit.

theparkourgamer101 says:

So cute

Valyn66 says:

Sure. That’s understandable. I can honestly say I have NEVER met a pit who bites. You have to understand that dog attacks are rare enough that you may never see one, despite the statistics. Do you know how many people are killed by lightning every year? Does that mean that lightning never strikes?

It’s an unfortunate truth. Goldens are now responsible for more bites than a number of other breeds. And it’s the result of certain profit-driven breeding practices.

Dianne Mcgee says:

I can honestly say I have NEVER met a Golden that bites. My golden has never bitten anyone in his 13 years, and the kennel that I had gotten him from had goldens that were the sweetest things ever.

WhiteEmerald1991 says:

I could just have really poor grammar. 😀

Valyn66 says:

I’m not assuming anything. I asked you if you’re perpetually drunk because your comments exhibit all the intellectual coherence of, well, a drunk.

See how this works?

WhiteEmerald1991 says:

so you don’t believe me? well…most people assume things without gathering evidence. Sigh…and that isn’t wise.

Valyn66 says:

Are you drunk?

WhiteEmerald1991 says:

let me tell you something. the cost of big mac is sky rocketing in the Nigeria at this very moment. Kids are going hungry every year. In the past two years, we finally set up a mcdonalds store in the wooded areas of Africa to help poor kids. But because they don’t have money, the kids can’t buy. And big macs are wasted.

Mapi Sheppard says:

Aww she’s like my golden retriever dog Lola <3

sydneylopez0104 says:


Indy Syder says:

They are. 

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