GoPro: Corgi Puppies at Georgia Tech

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Six corgi puppies visited Georgia Tech on 7/26/2014. They had a blast exploring Tech’s campus! The puppies are six weeks old. Shot with a GoPro HERO3+.

We are a team of students at Georgia Tech developing some very interesting products for infant health. Please head to to learn more about what we are doing!!!

Produced by Frederick Grimm. Video by Patrick Caudill. Special thanks to Chris Hoag, Cole Turner, Parrish Brown, Cheney Cohen, Brandie Banner, Addison Fisher, Katie Staples, and the whole Grimm family for helping out!

Many people have been asking why the puppies are sleeping in pans. When we would feed the puppies their wet food from a pan, they would all quickly eat the food and then compete to sleep in the bottom of the pan. For some reason, they really liked the pans (we suspect the glass was cool for them)! Because of this, we decided to just give each their own pan so they wouldn’t have to fight. They seemed to really like the idea!


MariRod says:

I have to smile every time I see this :)

Jakomi of the Rose says:

It's official; Corgi's are now my favorite dog. So freaking adorable!

Quinn Park says:


Celina Garcia says:

Haha corgi casserole 

Rocker Chic19 says:

Omg I want one!!!!!!

Razvan Musaloiu-E. says:

A little bit of Saturday cuteness. :-)

EliteSlayer9639 says:

So cute only wish they weren't in bake ware otherwise perfect!

Melissa Thomas says:

These are my favorite dogs…they are too adorable! 



Amy Rich says:

This is unbelievably cute. Corgi's are one of those few dogs that still look puppyish even when they're adults. If I could have a dog, it'd probably be one of these.

trueknightrider says:

Wow, You are really good. We Liked this, Good work.

Earth's Flag says:

The ending made it looked like you guys want a Corgi Caserole for dinner

Mary Vu says:

Is any of the puppies names Cody?

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