Happy wake up

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Happy is Maltese & Daschund mix.


dishfun99 says:

he wanna milk~~he’s hungry

dishfun99 says:

the sound when the puppy yawns~~~((((MELT)))))

Ben Middleton says:


clickmitTV says:

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Sharay heyy says:

Awwwwww so adorable

ilargitxo2 says:

Leave him alone! He is resting!! poor thing…

GutaarGod says:

Slendy, what are you doing here? Go back to stacking people and making them give you 20 dollars.

laperez80 says:

204 people have no souls

SIender Man says:

awww uh i mean ………….

DevilDog5054 says:

your gonna need something alot stronger than just beer

yamiyuki09 says:

he’s like I want milk go fetch me a nipple 🙂

kbear2819 says:

and scratch yourself – nothing says (I’m a guy” like scratching yourself (preferably in public) – lol

emilynb15 says:

can i have it

nazwakontaa says:

coool dog

Cherryblossomgirl131 says:

sooooooo cuuuuuutttttteeeeee!!

MultiAdamowski says:

who the fuck didn’t like this video???

TheRangersChannel72 says:

I find drop-kicking a cat helps.

crazylikeamoose77 says:

for a little guy he has a lot to say in the morrning

SickCityDaggersfan says:

That was so cute, I’m gonna shit.

Pamella Long says:

That has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen, ever!!! I want one! Is he still that cute now?

Kalpana Konjengbam says:

awwww….that puppy is sooooooooo…cute…….<3

ssookkiiee says:

This is just way to cute!!

1988rithanya says:

aww that little one is hungry 🙂

goldencricket says:

As a male, this makes me want to give birth. To puppies.

vicky4l1j says:

hermosoo…..tiene hambre.

TheGolly92 says:

This is the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen! So adorable!

Chris Gould says:

i must know the breed of this adorable dog

mulderlover2004 says:

OMG!! On the cute scale this little thing is OFF THE CHARTS!!!!!!!!

katyhsu6064 says:

adklhadfg HE’S SO FLUFFY I’m GONNA DIEEEEEE so cute omg

shaecali says:

this dog is anxious, not happy

TheBarbiegoeshard says:

so cute¡

smilling cat says:

awwwww sooooooo cute 🙂 🙂

makavelicss says:

Just masterbate to this vid. I did

KatieXGoldie says:

Aw so Q!!!

Clairebear568 says:

at 2:12 it sounds like its laughing!! like: ha ha ha ha ohhhhhhhh!

Dewy Song says:

: ahh its true they probably jus wanted a dog and could not get one or maybe their dog died… rotten sport

Dewy Song says:

lol hahahahhaha i spied my bff ( derek a boy we r NOT dating ) watchin this he screamed and went hunting 😀 dammit derek u have a stuffed cat i dont care! <3 the vid though! cutest dog evah!

lovesatwar says:

awww omfg sooo cute :33

MANUEL98935 says:

Puppy !!!!

ikellykat says:

Fuck the ppl who clicked dislike -:(

ilovemushrooms13 says:


Love4makeup09xoxo says:

Ahhhh sooooo cutee i wantttt ittt xxxxx

palme1991 says:

puppy fighting strawberry /watch?v=1XeGt3A95BE

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