Harlem Shake (Puppy Edition)

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All the puppies wanted to get in on the Harlem Shake craze!


Justdance6336 says:

And they always jump around like that.

Justdance6336 says:

It’s not fake they really do have 6 dogs. Lol.

lappythehappy says:

Jay please answer how its fake are you just trolling do you have problems are you lost are you missing your mommy

lappythehappy says:

Let Me Tell You That Comment Was Really Stupid Were You On Any Drugs When You Typed That?

prettyashley2708 says:

I’m telling the other users the stop saying is fake

simplenametag says:

Harlem shake puppies

OMG_its_MillieO says:

How is it fake?? They dangled treats above their head

Allie Lee says:

I love this video hahahah

janethekiller119 says:

awww thats so cute so hell i feel like im going to hug them to death

Darra D says:

do da harlem shake D:D:D:D

Janna Bush says:

Cute and adorable

juliatschernych15 says:

adorable puppies!

Hugh Hunt says:

The people who say this is fake are completely wrong all they did was dangle treats above there heads like dont be so negative to a funny video you ruin it for everyone

zeldacrazyinlove1234 says:

I guess 1,451 people hate puppies 🙁

Megan Reid says:

laughing my head of…….that was so cute !

Jennifer L says:

how? all they’re doing is holding up food. They really do have 6 dogs. Theres nothing fake about it hahaha

KittyWooz1 says:


Grace Obikudu says:

So cute

Kawtey says:

Omg jofee u hit jackpot with this lmaoooo

Mymusic523 says:


Clint Eastwood says:

Your brain is fake

Jay I says:


feygirrlful says:

oh it definitely is real!

Megan Lidster says:

How is it fake its funny as dip with me!

Jonathan Stike says:

Lol what breed of dog are they

2FUXConsortium says:

Dumb fuck

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