Homeless mom gives birth to three puppies. Please share.

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To make a small donation, please visit: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
To adopt Dottie, Pumbaa or Timon: http://www.doggies911rescue.org


Harmony Ramirez says:

Wait so the mother died?!

Naydelin Barron says:

I cried for Ivy????????????

Edwind Moncada says:

Onions… damn onions!

SteamPowered_Art _ says:

Damn onions…

Ingrid van der Plas says:

i hope that the new owners are blessed with these awesome dogs. Also the song; Halleluja is t also god blessed.

SnarkySandwich says:

who the hell would dislike these videos??

Kalyan Raghava says:

why didn't you do surgery for hydrocephalus?? pls tell

Linda Lindoeva says:


Katie Lee says:

Rest in peace Ivy.????

Iko Dianka says:

Dottie is so cute

Orris Holt says:

You guys work well together.  So glad you make these videos.  God Bless you for all your good works.  Bless the animals that you rescue, and those who adopt them and  care for them also your donors.

Rachel Chen says:

r.i.p sweet Ivy..

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