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For real. This is not a drill. Meet my new puppy Matt! Please like this vid so everyone will adopt!
Look for pets in your area to adopt: http://theshelterpetproject.org
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RubyLuvsSomert says:

Aww i want a puppy.. xD We got our dog ralf and just be sure to keep them away from chewing some stuff thats my only tip ;D

happy girl21 says:

btw i have a puppy (Black Labrador Retriever) and she is SUPER crazy, annoying, and stupid. and she is HUGE and she is only 4 months old. SHE SO CUTE DOE!

MarioGirl0819 says:

what happened to your pig

Lydia Lynne Koltai says:

sit! fist from up to dawn

Kaylah Mata says:

So cute????????????

David Munoz says:

HUGE congratulations on rescuing Matty from a rescue and not getting him from a breeder! Way to go! I am sure you and Matty will do great together!

Audrey dhillon says:

Awwwwww I am so happy for you I have been watching your videos since ever I am seriously very happy for you even I am thinking about getting a puppy hey I think your puppy is adorable and I want one like that and the name Matty suits him the best and so can you pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls tell me what breed it is thanks sincerely your biggest well wisher

Jada Allen says:

Well I'm disappointed 🙁 I've been looking for a puppy for months and I checked out this website and went through all of them and couldn't find a hypoallergenic dog. I grew up raising pitbulls and somehow developed a allergy to them but they are so cute and I want another ???? maybe I'll have to adopt a puppy in another state.

Zae Bold says:

He's a little mahtea cup puppy.

Meadow Hall says:


TsuoMacMatsuoka says:

I remember Apple Macintosh software "Puppy Love" Love Matty Puppy!

Fam Bam Show says:

What breed is he plz respond!?

Stichting Bobby Charity says:

Puppys from petshops com from puppymills.

Abigail OConnor says:

Look up The Zak George on fb for puppy training and stuff.

Sergio Gomez says:

What breed is he?

Lily Barragan says:

how you feel after a week of having matty with you???

Kat T says:

What type of dog is Matt?!

Cookie Crazy says:

What breed is your puppy? He's so cute!!

Autumn Hendryx says:

What kind of dog is he?? +iJustine????

The English Cow says:

Ahahahahahahahha he pooped on her

Frank Franklin says:

what breed is it

Brooklynn Riley says:

He is SO precious!!! What kind of puppy is he?

Justine Wagner says:

my name is Justine too same spelling even

Justine Wagner says:

my name is Justine too same spelling even

1funnyteen says:

Here's a new puppy tip: No matter how gently you want to be with him, you will have to discipline him if he bites, and try to take him for walks so he gets used to being around other dogs. and teaching him to not bark a lot definitely helps. my dog never bites and only barks when someone comes into the driveway but she always stops when we tell her to. I hope this helps and i hope you and Matty have a great friendship (both dog and person XD)

Mega Nintendo Joseph says:


Julie Potischman says:

What kind of dog is he?

Arshveen T says:

U need to train it to pee outside before they pee in the house everywhere

Furry Friend Family says:

What breed is Matty?

Ryann Nicholson says:


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