Indiana runs into the mirror

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This is a funny video I shot of my Dog Indiana when she was a little puppy.


NightIIIJester says:

Awwww yeah 🙂 No need to buy multiple dogs just trick them into thinking they have pals

kk f says:

aww poor pup 

Doodlebug purnell says:

Not funny kinda sad

jesusislife85 says:


richay1 says:

Daug bro

mustachecashstash57 says:

it was horribly hilarious 🙁

mustachecashstash57 says:

OMG, that puppy ran into the mirror so hard. 🙁

9992103 says:

“What kind of dog is he?”
“Oh, he’s a daug.”
“Yes, but what kind?”

War2011Machine says:

hope the dog’s okay.

Alice Gonzales says:

poor puupy

Joe Morales says:

i love this lol cute

Joe Morales says:

hey love ridiculousness i love it 😀 make more

VideoFinderMTV says:

MTV’s Ridiculousness is interested in this video…please check your inbox for more details. Thanks!

sljohnson200788 says:

So cute so cute

JENNIFERules87 says:

Just saw this on Animal Planet .. Sooo cute. Poor puppy. 🙂

DemiCullen17 says:


GinebrasinLancelot says:

Oooh, poor little doggy :-)


sooo cute

TheYounicorn123 says:

awww! sad but funny

thegingersnitch says:

Dammit, Dobby must have sealed the entrance again!

AdamShifnal says:

Press 5…trust me!

mollee95 says:

I’ve watched this at least 50 times, it kills me everytime!!!

omnitelable says:

hahaha. jao kakvo je medeno !

neda matic says:

joj bubice, hahhaha

milan66666666 says:

Hahahahaha ludilo….fala ti blice

dbzgt29 says:

blic blic blic

MsSix85 says:


mare0280 says:

Ovaj kao naš Pepi 🙂

andrijano89 says:

marijaa87 says:

Вероватно никако 🙂

mayathebee007 says:

Axxaxaxaxaaa da nije Blica kako bismo saznali :))))))))))

ludidjura1 says:


MrStex92 says:

0:09 EPIC! xD

Pifacedude says:

My mate has a dog called Indiana as well, he’s a German Shepard.

roflmaoz11 says:

Dogs are resilient creatures. His little puppy feet are far too weak to go at a speed from that distance that would actually hurt him a lot. You people are being way too sensitive! It’s just a cute puppy video.

gamekillerrul says:

poor pupy i dont find yhis funy too!! This dog is very cute and at the end he cry

sandymw1962 says:

if u don’t like all comments…too bad ! shut down the comments…i find the video not funny !
again i say get a life ! Not funny seeing the pup hurt himself so bad he cried !!!!!!!

KajiGoku says:

poor bby’s nose ; o;

10countrygirl says:

That wasn’t funny when she hit herself at the end. I could tell that hurt her.:(

Asunaki says:

hahahaha then ooooooh 😀

vilapepe77 says:

0:09 the sound of the broken puppy-nose :((

poncho90 says:

Puppy Runs …”This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Philip E. Bellerjeau Jr thats what i saw when i click in the link of AOTS… =/

zomaardan says:

What a bunch of wankers for laughing when your dog gets hurt, every thing for a “funny” video.

BEBellerjeauJR says:

sandymw1962, you are as some people would call a moran

seanandthat says:

Platform 9 and 3/4 is closed for maintenance.

feelinthebluesmobile says:

I heard that one. Smack!

Jonathan Wojcik says:

what the hell are you trying to communicate with this comment? They have no life because they filmed a puppy? Huh.

lcdougherty6382 says:

She’s a pretty puppy girl

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