Innocent until proven guilty dog

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A dog is questioned when her owner comes home and sees that his bed sheets were ruined. The dog hides in the shower and looks more than guilty! For more hilarious pet videos check out Follow Petsami on Twitter http Become a fan of Petsami on Facebook Check out these great deals on Frontline Products from Petsami: For Your Dogs: For Your Cats:


Grace Douglass says:

this is too cute :3

2012oreo says:

MY dog looks innocent after he farts (ninja) Then 2 minutes later he walks with is head and butt sagging :/

SirRedShirt says:

Please impose a ban on yourself from commenting on youtube videos. Your particular brand of “insightful” commentary is already making the net a horrible place, please get your “yelling at people” fix somewhere else please, oh keyboard warrior.

SirRedShirt says:

Yeah, that comment was totally warranted and completely thought through, no? Well done, you’ve contributed to internet pointlessness quite well.

HugePigeon12 says:

you telll him leanna

Whitewing Light says:

lmao i would hug her

Ave9911 says:

So so funny

see46 says:

awwwww what a goood doooog <333

alexandros illusionist says:

maybe the 101 dalmatian dogs did this..:P

maryktify says:

German Shepards have the best guilty expressions xD She is so cute 😀

Leanne Zackowski says:

Many dogs do this and are not abused!
And accusing these people as such without knowing anything about them makes you an ignorant prick!

Leanne Zackowski says:

She gave herself a time out for being naughty!

Gielio says:

My dog does the exact same thing when he’s done something ‘naughty’ And no, I don’t beat or kick my dog..

BenshortsPuto says:

they probably beat the poor dog thats why he feels like that, U SICK ANIMAL ABUSERS!

chocolateparts says:

is this from your own sick personal experience? are you the dog whisperer or something??? My friends dog and cat both do this when they do something naughty, they run and go hide under a table or bed but nothing happens to them. neither of her pets get yelled at or mistreated…

cyanotikify says:

Dog knows a beat down is a coming

NeZayah says:

Dafuq is your problem. Calm down! You’re talking out of your ass. He’s fine! Animals HEAR the voice of the human. The owner didn’t yell at him, it was calm with a little humor in his tone & said “we still love you buddy”. If anything the owner was trying to calm him down while filming him. I’m so sick of people like you on YT that think they know everything & feel the right to judge everyone… you’re the clueless one!

NeZayah says:


CanEHduh88 says:

hahah Berlin…good name choice!

christine puckett says:

Lol my dog does the same thing lol cute

MaeNotEast says:

Ah, you poor, poor fool. You want us to believe you know all about dogs, but there are at least three physical signs that you missed that indicate this dog is not nervous or scared. She was playing for the sympathy vote and I bet she got it.

Oh just fyi I’m a white female, you idiot.

MaeNotEast says:

Did you really type “lettle own?” Seriously?

So you gleaned all that information in less than a minute, did you? My old pup would be hiding under the corner end table when I got home if he’d done something wrong. Never laid a finger on him or even yelled at him. He’d come out after a minute or so and nudge my hand with his snout.

He was rarely alone, got regular walks and yard access all day long. He was the smartest, funniest dog I’d ever met. I miss him every day.

fiverhoo says:

The dog feels bad because it knows what is going to happen to it. The things that we don’t get to see and aren’t recorded on camera because they aren’t “cute”

Ears pressed back far enough? Nigger please. When did you stop beating your wife?

MaeNotEast says:

Wow, you picked the perfect signature for yourself: Dumbass

Looks more like the dog is really sorry it did something wrong and feels bad about disappointing its humans. Doesn’t look scared at all. His ears aren’t pressed back enough.

fiverhoo says:

Your dog is hiding in the shower because you are an abusive owner. Dumbass,

IamYucky says:

so guilty.

shawty2912 says:


darkYT says:

God forbid a baby should cry 10 seconds without anyone rushing to the rescue …

OMEGA07250 says:

“Ah, now she’s praying.” I LOST IT.

tuts333 says:

lmao “ahh now she’s praying..”

MetaliCanuck says:

and shes praying you take her for a run and spend time with her. clueless fn people

MetaliCanuck says:

all i see are owners who have no clue why she does this and therefore shouldnt own a dog lettle own a shepherd. Make the dog feel more guilty??? are you serious this dog shows more intelligence the cameraman whos too clueless to see the true story. you dont understand what that does to a gsd’s phyche and you fuck it up worst because of your lack of giving it exercise and what it needs.

colbystunts47 says:


A80G says:

cute dog how is he doing now??

BO3c says:


CuteMcBeauty says:

OMG look at that face!!!!!

LifesongMD says:

Owner: “Did you chew on that bed??”
Dog: “I mayyyyy have….”

NexisFilms says:

Lassie would have turned the guilt around and said :
“Dude , I’d be more concerned about that rugrat in there ..”

SnuggleLess says:

Probably the wife?

zagnut36 says:

The look on that dogs face is so Priceless they are adorible LOL I hope you loved on her after all was said and done lol

wooleymusic says:

I guhgree-uhr. GoreGoose.

DolceVita says:

avoid eye contact

biggsr06 says:

my Chihuahua is the same way!! LOL she does something Bad, I give her a stare and she’s just like “Sorry!”

janeyrevanescence12 says:

I must’ve seen this a hundred times and it still makes me crack up…

Buggerme75 says:

I love dogs!!!

Barbara Cordova says:

mom i guess. who cares



Pavel K says:

91 disslikes ? good try dogs..

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