Labrador puppies & Rabbit

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Best friend of them.
Issac,Ivi & Peanut.


Hardboiled Greninja Xtreme says:

that dog is gonna squish that bunny

Stella Hall says:

Awe the end was so cuteeee, bunny pillow :3

Angelwings says:

Aww, best friend forever 😉 

urswitchbacked says:

He made him into his pillow. So cute.

Jay Simental says:

I love animals! I think its cute when animals are able 2 get along with different animals =D

Andrea Patane says:

Aw! how cute?

dishfun99 says:

take good care of these babies please~~~~

Frankske Verstraeten says:

I wish I had a bunny for a pillow 🙁

Susan Szabo says:

They are so beautiful!

Aqueel Khan says:

Bunny: oh… look there is a way out!
* bunny walks in front of puppy*
Puppy: wow look there is a soft pillow right in front of me!
* puppy lays head on bunny
Bunny: oh darn!
puppy: this is one soft and cozy pillow

Aqueel Khan says:

um.. no he wont. If a dog and a bunny know each other when there little then when they get older they become friends. So the puppy wont eat the bunny…:p

Genowhirl66 says:

Puppy bunnies puppy bunnies puppy bunnies puppy bunnies PUPPY BUNNIES!!!!!!

Narresh Ramdayal says:

OMG Cuteness at :40, that makes me smile so hard

LittleLulubee says:

Aaaaw, I'm SOOOOO jealous!! Who's the lucky person that gets to hang out with these adorable creatures? I wish it was me 🙂

296jayce says:

I need to watch the expendables, this is gonna throw my dudness out of wack

Javier56286 says:

extreme cuteness lol

Elena Tea says:

can't handle so much cuteness!!!!

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