Lost Dog Dora reunited with family after seven months!

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Dora was reunited with her family at Collin County Animals Services in Mckinney, TX. CCAS has many wonderful dogs waiting for adoption. Please check out the …


Seeley0Booth says:

Awww this made me cry. Yay for a happy ending oxoxo

zebradrg says:

Crying & hugging my dog. Poor Dora was so scared , you.just felt so bad.

lisa8220 says:

I remember driving around for hours, until 4:a.m., after fire works, looking for my dog. I always tell people to put their dogs in the house, not the fenced yard, if you live close to fireworks. My dog was one who never would leave the yard without one of us, but the fireworks really did a number on her. we were both prostrate when we found each other.

MasterAlarad says:

I wonder how many “Dora the Explorer dog” comments have been made?

NinaBonita1989 says:

Awww so precious

Jamie Bigornia says:

Things about dogs and other animals always makes me cry … ^^, awwwwww…. God bless his owner..

LatinaSpicy08 says:

Aww im so glad he found his dog, his dog was so happy to be going home.

smokee255 says:

god bless you dora

Jocelyn Obando says:

Excuse me while I go cry out of pure warmth and happiness.

Lauren Webster says:

dam onions… :’)

Nick Wavy says:

This was so touching

Dusk Dawn says:

So cute and sad but it had a happy ending why am I so sad? 🙁

Pam Eardley says:

haha Me too Dammit!! LOL

Zoe Wilkinson says:

Just goes to show how important it is to microchip your pets! My friends dog went missing about a week ago to find that it had been rehomed at our local shelter just 2 days after they had found him!

Chuck Norris says:

Dora took the “Explorer” part a bit too literally.

Kevin Ritchie says:

Yup I cried.

Tanmay Bhasin says:

Badly needed it.hadn’t teared up for ages!!!!

Skylendor says:

The dog’s reaction… she had clearly given up on ever seeing her family again. What a miracle that must have been for her.

Brandon Nolet says:

Dog: I missed you man! :'(

Tae SoLaid Back says:

Thank you God for reunuiting the,, this made me cry lol.

IhateLynnMoses says:

fantastic stuff! Whoever does not have a tear in their eye at this video must be dead!

pandame01 says:

Bless 🙂 Wish this could happen to all doggies

Gyutzaaa says:

I cried so much after I saw that poor scared dog :( I’m so glad he’s safe and sound with his owner.

beautyforlifestyle says:

i cried too its sooooo cute and sooooooooooooo…… ah, i cant take it anymore!!!!

shannonhicks72 says:

It made me tear

WaterGirl49 says:

My dog had a tat in his ear done by the shelter i got him from. it was easy to see, easy to find and easy to get him back.. its something that can be seen by anyone who would find him.

mysticgal528 says:

We see a fearful dog in the begining but at the end we can see the joy abt he going home.heartmelting.. :'(

exhausted891 says:


bunnylover234 says:

 know right

erina marianty says:

Yeah it’s really tough not to cry 🙂

newtalitw says:

oh, my gosh this made my heart melt with happiness and warmth. .. that reaction from the dog, it moved me to tears :”)

RenewedFaith says:

both of my dogs and my cat are chipped 😉

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