Max the Silent Barking Pug

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These funny dog and puppy show what it would be like if you could put Fido on mute. Here, Max demonstrates the art of the Silent Bark. No need to adjust your volume!


CLOSTERx says:

Omg so cuteeeeee

KaiserSehen says:

Lol! XD

Roughcore4u says:

ahh we meet again 4u CLUB!!!!!

Chani James says:

Aw so cute

blackrazor251 says:

my pug does that to when i stare at her 

lotusblossomed says:

What a cutie!! Wish my pug was a bit quieter 😀

Crewgenful says:

When i read vid’s title i suddenly thought about silent assassin 0_0

xXTGBros4lifeXx says:

my dog does this, they sometimes make a clapping sound with there jaw but dont actually bark its a sign that they are hyper and want to play

lechicken says:

my dog does the same.. when i look at her xD

LuckyLindy5 says:

What a darling dog–SO CUTE!!! 

QueenOfLogic says:

max and minnie r so adorable

eraserskawaiimeshe34 says:


John Sanford says:

thats crazy and cool how he do that

LumosLight24 says:


BollNick says:

He’s perfect 

cubsfan01991 says:

how come you never show yourself in any of the videos mr. owner man!?

brynaybj says:

Cute dog I have a yorkie he was born nov 2, 2011

OwnyOne says:

cute pug 0w0

zclaudio10 says:

Oh ok that would be very funny then

bedrock4u says:

Don’t feel bad. Max can bark just fine. He is just having fun.

zclaudio10 says:

I feel so bad

bedrock4u says:

Sorry, Maria…he’s too camera shy! (It’s not really about HIM anyway, is it?)

Maria Romney says:

Aww! Could the owner of the pugs please show a video of himself playing with the dogs!!! PLEASEEE!! I WOULD SUBSCRIBE YOU IF YOU DO!!!!

Nara Umroyan says:

haha my pug does the same!

pikachumonster9999 says:

My pug does the same thing its sooo cuteee

smcdonald03 says:

Ahahaha my pug does exactly the same thing!! It’s so cute. Must be a pug thing ay 🙂

ms3pugz says:

My zoey does this too-first silent, then a little yelp escapes, then if no reaction, a little bark, then if no reaction, a full-on loud bark….and she curls her lips in and looks like she took her dentures out!!!! HaHa…it’s funny!!!

Martin Pedersen says:

can i plz have u pug?

xxMissRatenxx says:


samuel1abarza says:

I will never get tired of watching this! <3

tomtomruth says:

Love the wrinkly forehead – no botox in sight!

andrenegwer says:

he looks like a video game character

LulusLovelies says:

Max is the cutest pug ever. And I’m saying this as a pug owner of a very cute pug myself. I just want to eat him up!

kylethesmurf says:


jonnyGunSmith84 says:

my pug bella does the exact same thing

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