Meet Billy, Rescued From a Puppy Mill

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Meet Billy, rescued from a North Carolina puppy mill, and his adopter, Adam. UPDATE: With heavy hearts, we report that Billy unexpectedly passed away over th…


ninakandband says:

Thank you! He is adorable! *snief* <3

Emmie Guebert says:

Awwwwww Billy is so freaking adorable 😀

hopdoehop says:

thank you Adam

dam this old man wants to cry

my two dogs and cat are from a shelter

good for you Billy

fizzyg09 says:

Shed a tear then quickly sucked it back up…..

nail artoxoxo says:

i think i might open a animal rescue bis

Timberwolfloverxx878 says:

this made me cry

Hannah Kennedy says:

My grandma has a boston terrier female rescued from a puppy mill… she was kept in a cage 24/7, fed infrequently, and was pregnant as often as possible. shes a wonderful dog but very, very timid, unlike her other boston terrier. her name is Terra :>

Cinnoney says:

soo silly face!! ~so CUTE~

evalinestar1 says:

Aww! :c

paul reddington says:

trolls everywhere Brian and they are pathetic creatures !

MonstrousRedZone says:

Bless this man.

Millicent Vu says:

i am so sad that billy i gone *cry*

KatatieTV says:

That dog is so cute!

GothPrisonBreaker says:

Cuter than boo

Hey Look! says:

Wonderful story and a beautiful dog!!

wishesmyluvful says:

the feels

nicess11 says:

Billy is so cute this story made me cry I was never a fan of the puppy mills or the pet store

Rachel Wong says:

Do you have any volunteer or job openings here in Canada ? It’s my dream job to do what y’all do: save animals <3

Pr3ttyLittl3Liar says:

He’s adorably cute.

xXSlaughter3dXx says:

lol that face xD its sooo cute

sanmaran1 says:

Way to step up to the plate Adam. Billy was lucky to ifnd you. I am sure you are lucky to find little Billy .Keep up the good work, Thank you.

Kristine Blanco-Hallman says:

There’s nothing worse than a guy with a chip on his shoulder. It’s never good.

Christopher M K says:

God Bless you… the world needs lots more of you in it!

Seasonchange1 says:

God bless you and Billy… Thank you for your work…..

Mystifiedchaos says:

I kept coming back to watch this video… I own a chihuahua and Billy looks so much like him (except mine is fatter) and everything single time I watched this, the cuter billy looks.. even with his lower jaw missing, his tongue hanging out and that silly look on his face.. I know Billy has passed on, I know he will be happier at the other side of the rainbow bridge. I smiled and cried at the same time while hugging my chihuahua watching this in bed… god bless HSUS and Adam for being there!

hsus says:

Hi everyone, It’s Adam. Thanks so much to everyone for all your kind words regarding Billy. I was honored to have him in my life and give him the love he truly deserved. Please share Billy’s story with those around you so that people can become more educated about the suffering caused by puppy mills. We continue to work hard every day to help other deserving dogs like Billy find their way out of cages and into loving homes.

Colin Cadorette says:

oh my god thank you so much for taking billy into your heart and keeping him you are a saint! he is such a sweet dog and they really appreceate being taking care of they show it every day! the only thing they want is to be loved and taken care of and you will get back a billion times more than you ever give in return!!! they are they most preciuose animals on this earth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



druglady33 says:

Puppy mills don’t keep the adult males alive for no reason, they are completely profit driven. He would be taken out of his cage for breeding and that’s about it. Once he’s past that, he’s a mouth to feed and an unadoptable one at that with his deformed jaw. Unless this particular puppy mill owner has some level of compassion, which I doubt, he was still being used for breeding.

Brian Riordan says:

80 dislikes? what kind of people can dislike a video like this? Unreal.

Dami F says:

There’s just one question this is the most inspirational videos I have ever watched and there’s dislikes?! Forget opinions there should be NO dislikes!

Nadine Lindblom says:

Man I love rescue organisations!! Such a lovely story!

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