Neo Mastiff Puppies Play Hide-and-Seek from Dad | Too Cute!

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These big puppies meet their father for the first time and play a nice game of hide and go seek. | For more Too Cute!, visit…


albanyrb says:

Okay I read what you wrote down 5 times and still didn’t fully understand wth you are on about! and you sound really stupid I’m sorry to say! and did you just say that they taught you that Neo Mastiffs can’t be trained in school? I have not heard such nonsense in my life!

Jayachandran jm says:

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hijran588 says:


Marissa Chavez says:

wth? i did educate my self im a vet tech. Do get mad at me and call me ignorant when that what i was taught in school. jezzz. Instead of insulting people you should jest try to educate.

albanyrb says:

Firstly learn to spell, then educate yourself on these dog’s before you write down such nonsense! ignorant women

albanyrb says:

you can train them! you are clueless!

Indya Beerens says:

I watch TOO CUTE! when I’ve just seen a horror movie… 🙂

damian medina says:

Too cute

Cratorc IC says:

This is one of my favorite shows simply because it makes me smile so much.

bubbleburst797 says:

Its face looks like it was stretched out

Pearl Gwynn says:

BERE SEVILLA u need 2 chill cause u r totally looking at the stupid things in this video so shut up

Pearl Gwynn says:

that was adorable !

kayla carrion says:

It was sooooooooooooo cute

Marissa Chavez says:

i know these exist but i know that there impossiable to train that why there only guard dogs. , still cant believe people own them.

forty5inthechamber says:

So ?

jack denson says:

i have one of these dogs

Dani Chechik says:


Maria Tallarico says:

Oooohh *…* ♥♥

Animalist says:

They’re so chubby and adorable!

allPetTV says:


Jonatã Felipe Russo De Moura says:

(:°] -

thespud12 says:

Omg… *slowly melts into a mess of cute goo*

haenah li says:

Sooper dooper cute !!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤

rhj06sti says:

I don’t know where they get their facts
a proper bred Chihuahua
As per breed standard is between 3 pounds and 6 pounds so these guys facts are wrong

wheeler1 says:

they are breeders

staercky says:

So basically this is a video of some puppies that collectively found a place to sleep while their dad just sat their. Great editing guys!

analuvsang says:


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Igor Lementa says:

Kihvtid koerad!

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