Pedigree Dogs ad shot 1000 FPS

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It’s dogs in slow-mo catching treats. What could be better. From TBWA Toronto. Follow me on Twitter, I share neat things. Music is by Andrew Harris, a Vancouver-based sound designer and composer. Check out more of his awesome sounds here:


ACPOV says:

Check out my go pro hero 3 in slow motion!

Alexander Rekhviashvili says:

what breed is at 0:30

EpicSlowMotionDog says:

0:57 is the cutest shot of the whole video!
Love the whole thing though, including the music, I use the music for my own slow motion dog videos!

Nick Leoni says:

Someone has seen the Vitalic – Birds video…

oogly boogly says:

and yet the video only plays at 480p

amn yaler says:

awesome video !

BusySnoozing says:

What kind of dog was at 0:48?

teufelszunge says:

Fantastic video!

Gary Laforge says:

would look great on a Bose home theater

kyle pickens says:

that face at 1:11 is gonna be in my dreams now. thx pedigree

WolvesOfEurope says:

vitalic – birds

canarias12345 says:


Griwhoolda says:

This makes me cry, for some odd reason. But in a good way.

geeew1zz says:

great pictures awesome dogs =D

Deborah Taylor-French says:

Keeshond A.K.A. “Smiling Dutchman” I raised and loved two, both loving, loyal, playful and calm. Very health dogs due to not being over-bred, but beware of the hours each week required to brush their layered and full beautiful fluffy coats. Fur will fly. You’ll be covered in it.

MetaMikeG says:

true..they always loyal no matter what

Aiko' Fly says:


Zuzana Stuchlíková says:

What breed is the dog in first and last scene? Thx.

MelbaToast454 says:

my dogs will always be my only true friends. such honor and love

MachineFight says:

wrong, Akita Inu

MachineFight says:

its an “Akita Inu” not a Husky.

MachineFight says:

no thats not right, its an Akita Inu

MachineFight says:

the husky looking breed is an Akita Inu and the brown curly dog is a German Pointer

MachineFight says:

0:57 soo cuute 😀

SuperSuperheroman says:

I don’t get it… the higher the FPS the slower the motion?

Aerrek says:

0:59 happiest dog ever

Barbi3ification says:


jessicatron says:

Shiba Inu, maybe?

theotherdabbs says:

anyone else find this by typing in fps russia?

vivs005 says:


vivs005 says:


CruellaDeMille says:

Holy crap! Awesome, thanks for providing proof that it’s better to get it in the camera!

iloveChris1546 says:

@SimplyFoxglove it looks like a german wirehaired pointer

iloveChris1546 says:

What breed is the dog who catches the treat in the air?

MadMikePDX says:

That satisfied look at 0:57 is just awesome.

Wasn Scheiß says:

1:11 😀 reminds me on taking classpics everyone looking good except me 😀

erbisme4 says:

Dogs are beautiful creatures how could someone ever abuse them..

gJungler says:

1:17 gandalf the white

SimplyFoxglove says:

what breed of dog is that at 0:29 ? It looks familier but I can’t put my tongue on it..

marietto02 says:

me gustaria que me grabaran en camara lenta

Griwhoolda says:

0:58 - Awww…

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