Puppies for Christmas

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And Now a Video Montage of People Getting Puppies for Christmas


AwesomeSauce06 says:

I don’t like that they’re in a box idk

jana johnson says:

please dont give it away because you dont know what they might kill it or poisand it and you might want it back.

CakeyTheLegend says:

i want a dog 🙁

Bunny1z says:


daninatasha says:

I would love to be featured in that video

wolfwing747 says:

You better record that! I will love you long time!


that awkward moment when the cute little girl opens up the bow
Mom: You poked air holes in the box right?

GeoMcEvan says:

Reminds me of the end of toy story

sakuragrl08 says:

Puppies > New lexus 🙁

theaudiotinker says:

If it were kittens I’d be crying! Sooo cute!

zachyeah13 says:

Giving a siberian husky puppy to my dad for christmas. Teehee

Lola Desouza says:

if i werent me id cry like likea baby

Carly Beales says:

Why is it kids have the sheer delight on their faces when they get a puppy…yet an adult gets it as a surprise and they just put their head into their hands. Adults lose that excitement they felt as a kid.

devon roach says:

I may get a puppy for Xmas

MakeANeatGun says:

Ah, the joys of being a dog person.

Nikki Jay says:

this was beautiful

dontreallycare3 says:

“Santa” got me a basset hound when I was 7. Still the best Christmas gift ever.

lily deleo says:

@Jade12568 I just got a puppy and it’s a lot of work but with help, they’re an amazing pet. They have their mouthing moments and we’ve taught him to go outside and do his business. He had 1 recent accident and that’s it

Jade12568 says:

Puppies are so wonderful, but ….. often times you have no idea of that thier personalities will be once they reach adulthood. Sometimes older dogs are a better deal . Housebroken, have the basics down, and thier dispositions are there to see.
Just a thought as Christmas bears down on us…A Big Bow can help a dog to look just as cute as puppy. AND PUPPIES ARE ALOT OF WORK..they are babies afterall.

Sarah Hollis says:


Joanne Cee says:


yasminchng22 says:

Aww…this never ever heppen to me b4…i wish it will one day

Hyunikil says:

02:07 LOL

tecatronis says:

they should be on Too Cute because there so cute!

dillon501bd says:

Aww! Last year Christmas my family give me puppy!! And is soooo cute!

02jujubean says:

your right, when you recieve a dog for Christmas you should keep it forever and love them <3

malakharezova says:

So cute

dragothecool2 says:

Dogs are for life, not just for Christmas

maximum1able says:

My dog is 14 years old…

happyretiree100 says:


skooterlibby1 says:

I hope the joy of dog ownership didn’t wear off the next day…

Maryyeung12894 says:

this made me cry

Skyler Simpson says:

i hat when kids say say its a dog i gust now im geting it becuse im perfict

TheHeartbyheart says:

i want a puppy for a christmas to 🙁

cupcakecrazy02 says:

This actually made me cry… I was brought up with a dog and she very sadly had to be put down when I was 11, I have been asking for a dog for years now. They bring such joy into people’s lives. 🙁

BFFLAEstandsforLOVE says:


mathru96 says:

It’s been almost 9 nine years that I want a puppy now. I’m 16, and still waiting.

TheGileon says:

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