Puppies Trying to Get on Couch Compilation

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Puppies Trying to Get on Couch Compilation
Sometimes, such an “easy” task like getting on couch can be so difficult. These puppies desperately want to get on couch with their owners, but they fail in such cute way.


Kittens Guide says:

I love white puppy

PurplePlayer99 says:

0:18 that dog is that, its adorable lol

Manal ahmad says:

One of them looks like Winnie from bratayley

John Galt says:

more stupid / irresponsible pet owners – it never ends

Doggie Lawn says:

Need a three minute pick-me-up? Rather than coffee, get a moment of cuteness into your day with this clip of puppies jumping onto couches! ‪#‎puppies‬ ‪#‎cute‬ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vekrWDeDd8Q&feature=youtu.be

yankees7448 says:

Looks like someone's couch moved over to a PC and clicked "disliked".

MrCarter0975 says:

…and then all the puppies decided to learn carpentry skills in order to build ramps in order to be successful in the truly elusive goal to get onto the big comfy couch.

Dominique Plume says:

bonne journée

Dominique Plume says:

hello ! ☺

Aliccia Biancaniella says:

Notice how the Weimeraner (sp?) puppy coloring matches the couch's/sofa's. Adorable… ALL of the puppies!!!

wirina holstein says:

Awww – its so hard not to be able to reach through the computer screen and pick them up. I sure hope the people in this video did pick up their puppies when they cried to come on the couch.

baris yildiz says:

Owww beatifull dog :Dd

CrazyFunnyStuffCFS says:

These #puppies desperately want to get on couch with their owners, but they #fail in such #cute way.

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