Puppy Birthday Present Causes Little Girl to Break Down

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Little girl breaks down after receiving a puppy for her birthday.


Luis Cruz says:

That pupils is sooooo cute

padmashree Ramanan says:

if iget the pup i will not i will cary it and  dont allow any one to touch it why she is crying

Paolo Monroy says:

Don't we all want a puppy? I know i do. Shheeettt

Eenkadovoor.nl says:

Dit doet een cadeau met je <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7N9IA4cVDs

Destinee Latendresse says:

I don't like how little kids keep on yelling in the background like ahh

czachoska says:

i wish i had a dog 🙁 i have that b**h cat

CubanandJamaicanBaby Y says:

Very cute!

Ali Fazal says:

Look think about it

I've seen other videos of girls getting puppy's for there birthdays and they cry

Do you understand am I right

Yes or no

I am not angry I'm just trying to help

Ali Fazal

Ali Fazal says:

Look I don't think recently she should have a puppy
Because girls that get puppy's cry and
I care about her feelings. its not a good idea.

Starlene JIviden says:

0:11 (child in the background) "We have a D…HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA…..G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
LMAO at that one. :-)

Bunnys 101 says:

I'm hoping for a dog christmas that was so cute

ASgfjyhgyi says:

She cry "uuuuhhhaaaaaa!!!!!! And no iphone????!!!!!!  UUUUUU!!!!!!"

Little Ninja says:

You guys DO realize she's crying because she's happy right?

Ebonie Gymnast says:

Filled with tears of happiness

Ebonie Gymnast says:

Ah bless I bet she feels so so happy and filled with happiness coz I would if I got that dog it is amaz

Darken NoShinka says:


oobie69 says:

She'll be crying like that in a couple of years when it dies

Rigby Von MayMay says:

Average Redditor Here.

I don't think you understand. She is not crying tears of joy. The puppy only peed on her. Sorry to reign on your upboats.

tips fedora

-Rigby Von MayMay
Average Gold User with 10,000 Karma.

MrCarl2020 says:

Instantly made a friend right there:) Can't get a more loyal and loving pet/family member.

011y89 says:

Its 2014- why are we still doing vertical video?!

Lord Tippington Reinbach III says:

redditor here! My divinely opinion about this video is that puppies are cute. As the mod of r/aww, I can firmly say that this puppy is one of the cutest I've seen all day. Join me in the awwwww over on reddit.com!
-Lord Tippington Reinbach III, cute puppy lover and reddit gold super user. 

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