Puppy rescued covered in tar, watch her happy ending!

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A 3 month old street puppy in India had the terrible misfortune of getting stuck in a thick layer of tar near a road that was being repaired. She was trapped and unable to stand or move her legs when a young boy found her, got her out of the tar and then called Animal Aid to the rescue.

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sisterdo@ddy$on says:

Thank you so much for rescuing those dogs I wish I could be there and help 


Bless your hearts! Poor little guy, that you have given him a 2nd chance on life! Good Job to all!!   :)

sheena grabato says:

What tar means ?

ITS VOLT2 says:

I'm so happy for the puppy because it now has a oerdnery life

AJGamer Girl says:

also sad :,(

Charlie L says:

Thank you so much I love dogs so much.

Ileana Schartner says:

Thank you for saving her!

Marianna Oonna says:

Why people who loves and safe animals has something beautiful writing in their face, their kindness, their love and respect for any God's soul….. Thank you my Indian friends for saving this poor God creature.

antonis apostolopoulos says:

im so happy about you guys!
You and your actions are inspiration for all of us !
My day was awful at work but you just made it better!
Keep it up!

GuineaPiggies says:

i cried. you people are beautiful, helping a poor dog. god bless you all


Apreciate what you do keep up good work

Buskieboy says:

Who are the 9 creeps that gave this a thumbs down?
God bless you all for saving this cute little pup!  :D

XxEmma LovexX says:

All these videos of dogs needing help Made me cry
Also this one

Rare Red says:

You are very good people for helping that puppy and not letting him suffer thank you for being so nice to animals

Zinc Wingman says:

Respect God Bless Ya Guys

AllenVaile says:

Very encouraging video and what a wonderful demonstration of love and care !!

Thanks !!!

peftys e says:

what is the name of the music ?

amarysia c papa says:

so many beautiful people with kind hearts! thank you so much for helping her! bless you all!!!

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