Puppy teaching Puppy to go down stairs! SO cute! – ORIGINAL VIDEO! (from owner)

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Cute puppy learning to go down the steps and bigger dog friend helps with a bit of a demonstration of how it’s done. Funny dog and puppy videos…pls share…thanks!


Natalie Graham says:

OMG I love it

SpectacularDeathSAB says:


Ag Herrera says:

Oh my goodness this is.too cute

hohum891 says:

*have *they’re

restylyn siapno says:

Sooo cute!!!!!!!!

lily319ily says:

awww so cute ^_^

choi shiny says:

yayyy *clapping 100x*

i dazzle says:

Wow. What a good dog! That’s sweet

MissDem0nic says:

my heart just exploded

Daniel Flores says:

Soooo Cute 🙂 <3

winterchan2 says:

Awwww :) they’re do adorable!

Kriminal Duatujuh says:

love them sooo much

Kevin Russell says:

He’s a beautiful dog. I’d like a retriever puppy for my three year old labrador Hudson. He needs a bit of responsibility.

splattergore33 says:

HUGE !!!

Yelh Ril says:


Marcia Cardoso says:


Kevin Russell says:

Yeah well he looks like a salmon – not the fish, the color.

Yelh Ril says:

..lol?..he’s call Simon?sounded like Salmon though

CarlDJ123 says:


1225197695468 says:

Best video EVER!!!

Jeremy Beltran says:

lol this is why i want a dog so bad and my parants gave me a gold fish and i need something fluffy to pet not something with scales

paranmae12 says:

This is so………cute!!!!!!!!

1TuBeR09 says:

this video could cure cancer

MarakiMalik says:

Sooooooo CUTEEEE!!!!

sarah tomo says:

Is that Jenn and Kelly I can hear in the background

Jensay Juson says:

OMG! OMG! omg!! OMG! I’m gonna steal that puppy and the dog! THEY ARE SOOO CUUUUTTEEE!! :((

duffbeerify says:


Jill C says:

Simon is one awesome big brother

MrDrUlises says:

Got here from a piano vid.

Paul Staker says:

I’ve punched so many walls…

hotzombie2649 says:

262 people hav no hearts if there gonna dislike something soo beautiful like Pets -_-

Kevin Russell says:

Well they are either sociopaths or morons.

Kevin Russell says:

I think it’s Salmon.

Fabio Milano says:

this is too cuuute D:

pat Bruno says:


Alovellyone says:

Yay!! Lesson to humans in being helpful. Good job for both dogs. Awww

windjammer777 says:

wonderful warm video. it like big brother helping little baby sister. Anyone disliking this video must have a negative attitude toward life.

maxgate100 says:

Youtube glitched out for some people showing no dislikes.

markrueda66 says:

oh that dog us so cute

brunetteforsure says:

this video has 0 dislikes

Mark Tulloss says:

Simon is very helpful!

kristian kalk says:

i can die in peace now

Roberto Dallossi says:

How? It is easy to explain: they have some kind of character failure.

Classy Jewel says:

Aawwww that was so cute & precious

Sarah Reeser says:

the puppy so cute

Heather P. Parker says:

Thank you it’s an interesting video. I enjoyed watching it.

kristincolwell28 says:

This Is so cute I love it!!!

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