Puppy vs. Cat

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This bunch of cute puppies are trying to play with this cat but the kitty is not interested. Leave a comment or share it with friends if you like.


20newyork says:


Nicholas Gold says:

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courtneyeverything says:

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KittyTaoKaka says:

Aw the puppies just want get along with the cat. Meow! :3

Th3Y3llowFlash says:

yes and im not ashamed to say it!

NeffNeff02 says:

Anyone else aiming for puppy/kitten therapy cause’ you’ve just seen something creepy? XD

xxCodB34STxx says:

@Jay Ray That’s Mean

HeinrichKonig says:

I hope you’re either joking or you mean that they became too difficult for you to keep and you gave them to a shelter…

Jay Ray says:

puppies are cute 🙂 too bad they grow and get old :( i have had to abandon my last 3 puppies because their cuteness faded

Leeri Travis says:

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oscarvizcardo1 says:


popgirl2533 says:

0:37 * FACE SMUSH*

emma mclaughlin says:


rabnif1 says:

fuck i hate cats

dalal345 says:

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sharksfartbeans says:


wra45 says:


xR4YD3Nx says:

The Dogs Were Like “BITCH,our turn to fuck ya!” Cat “HELL NAH!”

ShineEmerald says:


anitastephy says:

14.000.286 viewers just for this!! I want one!!

Tom Corbett says:

This needs Attenborough narration LMAO

wra45 says:

If you let them togheter for a long time they can become friends.But not that many….

Nannette Radovich says:


megawetwilly1 says:

so cute

Th3Gold3nB00m3r says:

this reminds me of my asshole cat

tray hut says:

theres a cool puppy vid if you search -cute puppy nursing, on page 2

tjmaster2011 says:

1 day before: puppy comes in house with bone
cat steals bone and puts in in bin.
present : dog comes in with his bro gang and puts cat in bin

Michael Park says:

cat:”OH SHIT!”

MyComputerfreak123 says:

Awww the puppies r soo cute!

jenna williams says:

wow i wish i could have a lot of pets like that. my cats name is psycho.

HybridSoldier777 says:

Look at him! Look at him!
He’s different!



RobloxGuy3000 says:

skip to 0:35

roberto esteban says:

Poor cat, he is alone

DEDPOOL876 says:

The dog has a gang

DeeaAndreea1007 says:

Ohhh!!So sweet!! :}}}

porcelainqueen1990 says:

lol this needs to be on animal hoarding 

WolleytheMonster says:


Craftaholic39 says:


reinwaldbrandy says:

The puppies are thinking what is this werid creature!! – that might be spelled wrong

thekick456 says:

those puppies were awesome!!!!!!!!!!

pookus321 says:

0:37 Why is he on my head???????

MoOnYQ8 says:

You’re right

HEnguyce says:

Cat:awwww shit

BBTV90 says:

It’s the dog mafia! O_O

gopac21 says:

and this got 13 million views

ELiteKiLLA707 says:

i want to lay on that floor so bad right now

chad hatten says:

kittens much cuter

Iodess says:

lol 0:55-0:57 funny jumping dog.

littlespider3 says:

omg so cute

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