Puppy Vs. Robot! Epic Battle For Territorial Domination!

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This is the robot: www.amazon.com When I brought home a Roboquad robot the other day and started playing with it, our resident guardian K9 was none too pleased. I decided to put Roboquad in “autonomous” mode, set his aggression level to high, and let the battle unfold. From www.demonbaby.com Note The robot is acting fully on its own, I was not controlling it in any way.


Vinayak Krishnan says:

Where was John Connor?

Dymone Ne'Shae says:

lol the title of this freaking video though>>>>>

Kiara Duncan says:


zxay4 says:

Haha so cute

arblox360 says:

Yeah, i know

MajkeTiTvoje says:

This is pure abuse. Dont you see how scared that robot is?

redareo913 says:

lol tht was so awesome xD

Karleena Saldana says:

That was so funny like Mario

TheGileon says:

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AlexJonesInfoWars1 says:

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SexyKoreanese says:

Guiles Theme is required

Armlessninjaking says:

one shall gain my attention the other shall die XD

KrzoJR1016 says:

That’s so cute

Robert Booth says:

Holy crap a robot.

Kronimiciad says:


ChoppaC1000 says:

0:28 was hilarious!!!

syoukonosyoukogakiet says:


monadamus9 says:

Robot Sneak Attack! This was awesome!

Feral Heart says:

Cute pup

jziskid says:

This is amazing! You made my day



MisterForbe says:

Dude, this is so awesome!

Dawn Warman says:

very cute 

John Ploski says:

-_- wow………………you are RETARDED

late2ourfuneral says:

Robot uses super attack…. it was super effective =)

SuperLadyt3 says:


fatalaccident5 says:


Merlin Gonzalez says:

Puppy power level exceeding 1000!!! Woahhh!!!!!

SlotCarSuperstar says:

Yay!! Lol

meguminogumiganai says:

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Sean Berman says:

@demonbabydotcom plz make this HD it looks better!

Gold Rush says:

minstrels will sing of this battle and the mighty puppy

bigduck1275 says:

Dude this is so cute that what my puppy did kinda

TheVidgamefreak says:


wisioe says:

Truly funny! love this. Thanks :)

MegaBLARP says:

step 1: mute this
step 2: open new tab
step 3: go to youtube
step 4: look up duel of the fates from star wars
step 5: play duel of the fates in the background while watching epic fight

seedeater5000 says:

Ive got this robot its so cool 🙂

SavvyGirl18 says:

Lol that is hilarious!!!!!

lildancinbaby527 says:

cute! way to go brave puppy! we salute you!

LACajuninNC1 says:

Poor puppy being terrorized by a robot LOL (a cool one at that)  Neat vid.. need more like this one.;

OdaviidS says:

dont care about the dog but that robot is awesome!

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